Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nightclubber Mor Sai, with upset stomach, picks up a floozie

[Pixs of models for illustration purpose only]

After finishing his supper of chicken wings on Jalan Raja Laut, Ang Mor Sai wanders to Jalan Chow Kit. Earlier, he had a rollicking time in Hot Legs Niteclub & Karaoke but the GRO refused his offer to buy sex. Unsatisfied, he seeks a quickie with a tootsie in Chow Kit.

After walking a hundred metres, he passes a chocolate-coloured woman on the pedestrian walkway. She is wearing a black miniskirt and halter top. Her square face is offset by a bob hairstyle. Big twinkling eyes and 38-inch bosom jump-start Mor Sai’s libido.

The street-tart proposes a short session for RM80. While talking to her, his sight strays further ahead to two more floozies, but they do not arouse him. He accepts her offer, and they go up to her room in a budget hotel twenty paces away.

The room is small, and is fitted with a droning air-conditioner, a double bed and a closet.

“Let me go to the bathroom first” the tootsie says, kicking off her shoes.

She slips into a pair of rubber slippers and takes a towel from the closet. Cheap mothballs in the closet exude an acrid scent. She exits the room and goes to the bathroom at the back.

Within a minute, Mor Sai feels the need to empty his bowels and goes to the communal toilet. It is occupied, and he returns to the room. The seconds tick by. He can’t hold his bowels any more, and his succour-seeking feet carry him to the toilet again, but it is still occupied. An idea strikes him, and he hurries back to the bedroom. He removes his shoes and peels off his socks.

Mor Sai purges into one sock and wipes himself clean with Kleenex tissue paper. Putting the soiled paper into the sock, he ties up its end. He opens the casement window which overlooks the road, swings the sock a few times before letting go.

He quickly closes the window, not aware of the fate of the poo-filled sock. With a towel wrapped around his waist, he sits on the bed. The hooker enters the room.

“What’re those black things on the walls?”

Mor Sai goes to one wall and scrutinizes it.

His stomach drops to his toes. The dark streaks are faecel stains!

“What did you do?”

“I’m – I’m sorry,” Mor Sai gasps.

He tells the truth and the woman demands more money so that she can get a cleaner to wipe the walls. He agrees and gets into the act with the hooker. After half an hour of carnal pleasure, he opens the door to leave the room.

From the stair landing, a burly man approaches him. He hollers: “So! You’re the culprit who threw the sock filled with shit! It hit the roof of my car!”

Heart aflutter, Mor Sai skedaddles back to the room. He slips a twenty-dollar note under the door. “Here, take this money and send your car for a wash.”


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