Friday, November 30, 2012

Peter Curry Fish Head still going strong after more than two decades

I look at the three framed faded posters of fish, trying to learn the names of the different species. A dark-skinned girl of not more than 16 is sitting at the cashier’s counter. After my brief reading, I look straight into the kitchen, trying to see whether the late owner's son is there. No, he’s not. But the presence of the dark-skinned girl indicates Peter Curry Fish Head is still run by the same family.

My first visit to Peter Curry Fish Head was more than 20 years ago. Peter, a mixed Singhalese started the business with a partner called Yap. The best of Indian and Chinese curry recipes were combined to create a unique fish head curry. After he died, his son, a dark-skinned stocky guy, took over. Almost ten years later, he “disappeared”, leaving the running of the coffee shop to his relatives.

Today, the coffee shop still draws throngs for lunch. Prices range from RM19 to RM70 depending on the size (S, M, and L available) and whether optional seafood (prawn and squid) is required. The curry is mild -- with the aroma of the spices being subdued -- and is garnished with mint leaves. Apart from fish head, other ingredients are brinjals, long beans and tofu pok. I rate the curry four out of five stars. It's in the same league as Segambut's Yu Ai. Waiting time can be 30 minutes as the curry is not pre-cooked but cooked upon order. Side dishes available are deep-fried chicken wings and vegetables.

Getting there: Travel along Jalan Genting Kelang from the city centre. After you pass the Christ Lutheran Church, turn left. The coffee shop is located opposite a Hyundai service centre.

Peter Curry Fish Head
12 Jalan Angsana
Taman P Ramlee,
Off Jalan Genting Kelang
53000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4021 5809
Closed on Tuesdays



gizmo67 said...

I don't mean to be rude but l'm afraid you got all your facts wrong. Peter who is a mixed singhalese married a chinese is the one started the establishment assisted by his son Philip. Yap is another individual given the opportunity to learn from Peter so that Yap make a living by doing at night. It is Philip who is running the show till date since the passing of his father.


Thanks for clarifying.