Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nightclubber Chow Kah has a fling with his Indonesian maid

[Pixs of model for illustration purpose only]

“I’ve an Indonesian maid,” Chow Kah says. “She’s gorgeous. And willing to have fun with me.” He leans back and empties his mug of Sapporo Premium.

“Lucky man!” Hussein says and takes a sip from his Bintang-Beer-filled willybecher.

Chow Kah screws his face and puts his mug on the coffee table. “But I can’t sneak out of the room at night.”

I crack a groundnut. “Why?” I ask.

“My wife’s a light sleeper. She awakes easily.”

Jessica, sitting beside Chow Kah, asks: “Your wife and you sleep on separate beds or a single bed?”

“Separate beds.”

“Then, why not make an effigy in your bed when you sneak to your maid’s room? If your wife awakes, she'll think you’re still in bed.”

“Good idea,” Hussein says and leans his head on the bare shoulder of Wati, who's engrossed in filing her nails.

“Yes, what a clever girl! You deserve a kiss!” Chow Kah pecks Jessica on her cheek.


Sarah, Chow Kah’s Indonesian maid, is washing dishes in the kitchen. His wife is bathing upstairs in the attached bathroom of the master bedroom.

Chow Kah walks up from behind and holds Sarah around the waist. “How about doing it every Friday? After twelve midnight. I’ll pay you."

“Oh, Bapak! Sure, no problem.” She turns around and locks her lips onto his.

Come Friday evening, Chow Kah drinks a cup of coffee after dinner so that he will be awake.

Half an hour after he and his wife have turned in, Chow Kah gets up and glances at her. She is snoring. Good. He starts to build his effigy.

From under his bed, he takes a half-inflated football and places it on his pillow. Then he uses his bolster as his body. He takes out two hockey sticks wrapped with tee-shirts to make the legs of the effigy.

Then he covers the effigy with his blanket.

He takes two steps back from his bed and surveys the effigy. So far, so good.

Chow Kah sneaks downstairs to his maid’s room. He taps the door softly.

Sarah, wearing only lingerie, [pix below] opens it. Chow Kah stares open-mouthed at her 36-23-36 figure.

They indulge in pleasure for more than an hour and Chow Kah sneaks back to his room. He quickly dismantles the effigy and keeps the parts under his bed.

Next morning, while serving breakfast for Chow Kah, the maid and him make goo-goo eyes at each other.

Come Friday, after watching a movie on TV, Chow Kah goes to the bedroom and sees his wife already sleeping in bed. Tonight she's not snoring.

He lies down for a while, staring at the ceiling. His mind is with that peach of a girl, Sarah.

Ten minutes later, Chow Kah "buay tahan" already. He gets up and builds his effigy and pads on his heels downstairs.

He knocks softly on Sarah’s door. There is no response.

Slowly, he turns the door knob and, to his surprise, it is not locked. He opens the door and peeps inside. Sarah is sound alseep under a blanket. The poor girl must be tired after cleaning the house.

He enters the room. Slowly, he slides into bed and hugs her.

The table lamp is switched on. His wife is on the maid’s bed!

“Chow Kah! You rascal!” his wife hollers.

Chow Kah breaks into a sweat and his heart palpitates. How did his wife get ahead of him?

His wife pulls him by the ear to the master bedroom. “Arrrrgh! Don’t pull so hard, please,” Chow Kah yelps. His wife switches on the light and pulls away the blanket on her bed.

An effigy is revealed!


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