Saturday, October 13, 2012

Satire: Scenario in Kuala Lumpur if PAS comes to power and implements hudud

**Bintang Walk is segregated into two lanes: one for men, the other for women and children [pix above]. This move attracts more Taliban tourists whose mindset is the same as that of the administrators.

**Extremists attack pubs, discos, nightclubs, dangdut lounges, karaoke bars and dance clubs, smashing bottles of alcoholic drinks, beer and liqueurs [pix above]. Thousands of GROs, mamasans, waiters, bouncers, DJs, musicians, waitresses, administration staff and -- to borrow a term from PAS -- "UMNO [United Malays of No Otak] infidels" are jobless.

**Extremists plan to attack non-Muslim places of worship so you pray under perpetual police protection. [pix above]

**At Cold Storage (and other supermarkets), you pay for your groceries at a male–only or female-only check-out counter as the case may be.

**Your daughter (or female relative) wears a head covering, long pants and long-sleeved tee-shirts to participate in sports [pix above].

**If you are a man, in the GSC, TGV, MBO or Cathay cinema, you sit in the “Men’s Section” while your wife, sister or girlfriend sits in the “Women’s Section”.

**In the LRT, KL Monorail and KTM Komuter, if you're a guy, you sit in the “Men’s Coach” while your wife, sister or girlfriend sits in the “Women’s Coach”.

**Illegal bookies thrive as Pan Malaysian Pools, Magnum, Da Mai Cai and Sports Toto are banned.

**Women's swimming, diving, beach volleyball and gymnastics are banned because they show too much flesh, causing green-robed, turbaned, bearded men to masturbate in the lavatory after watching the events.


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