Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nightclubber Chow Kah seduces sexy nurse

[Pix of model for illustration purpose only]

The morning sun blazes down on the bald crown of Jonathan, Jessica’s father, who’s busy pottering in the garden, looking for weeds.

He screams: “Aaaargh!” He lifts up one foot, shod in Japanese slippers. A rusty nail has pieced through the slipper to his sole.

Throwing the spade to the ground, he hobbles from the garden into the house.

“Jess, send me to a doctor,” he calls out. “I’ve stepped on a rusty nail.”

Jessica drives her father to a 24-hour medical centre in Taman Maluri, Cheras.

The doctor examines Jonathan’s wound. “It’s not serious,” he says. “Anyway, I’ll give you some antibiotics. My nurse will give you an anti-tetanus injection. Please go to the surgery room.”

Jessica uses her shoulder to support her father’s arm and they enter the surgery room. Jonathan lies down on the bed. Enter a nurse with a 38-24-36 figure [left pix]. Jessica notices her father's eyes bulge!

The nurse glances at Jessica. “This is your pretty daughter?” she asks, taking a syringe from a cupboard.

“Yes," Jonathan says. "Twenty-three years old already."

“Oooohhh… you still look so young. Still so handsome. I thought you're her older brother. Now I know where she got her good looks from.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“If you’re single, it’d be my pleasure to go dating with you. By the way, I’m Georgina.”

Jessica says: “My mother’s still alive. She’s a lucky woman.”

Georgina smiles and pulls Jonathan’s briefs down. “Sorry, but this’ll feel like an ant’s bite.” She injects the anti-tetanus vaccine into Jonathan and rubs the skin puncture with her palm. The patient screws his face up in pleasure. Patting his butt, Georgina says: “Okay, we’re done. Thank you.”

Ending her story, Jessica says: “I swear, it’s the truth! That sex-bomb clinic nurse was very heow [Hokkien for "lascivious"]! She tried to tackle my father.”

Chow Kah, sitting beside her, asks: “Name of clinic?”

“Ling Medical Centre.”

“Hey, hey, hey. What’re you trying to do?” Hussein asks. “Want to go after that nurse ah?” He smiles and starts stroking Wati’s lap.

“Men and women are the same. They can’t resist people with good looks,” Wati says, sipping her assam kedondong.

Two days later, Chow Kah wakes up with an upset stomach and rushes to the toilet. When he emerges, he calls his office: “Boss, I’ve got diarrhoea. I’m going to take M.C.”

In the car, he phones Jessica. “Dearie, gimme the address of Ling Medical Centre.”

An hour later, he’s in the doctor’s examination room of the Centre.

“Doctor, I need an injection,” Chow Kah says. “Stomach’s very painful.”

“Any diarrhoea? Vomiting?”

“Yes, got. Purged twice this morning. No vomiting.”

“Please go to the surgery room. My nurse'll give you a jab."

Heart fluttering with joy, Chow Kah goes to the surgery room. The smell of antiseptic tickles his nostrils. He pulls his pants down, lies on his stomach and raises his butt up.

The door creaks and the nurse enters. He hears her opening a closet and taking out something. Clang! An object is thrown into an aluminium kidney tray.

Liang lui [pretty girl], want to go karaoke with me tonight? Or any evening when you’re free.”

The nurse does not reply. Chow Kah hears her shuffle next to him.

“Sweetie, can we be friends? I’m an MBA holder -- Married But Available.”

Chow Kah lifts his head up and turn to look at the nurse. It’s a beer-bellied Sikh with a beard and turban!

“Jesus Christ! Where’s Georgina?”

“Georgina’s on annual leave,” the Sikh says. “I’m her temporary replacement.”

The male nurse jabs the hypodermic syringe deep into Chow Kah’s butt.

Chow Kah yelps.


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