Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thai Garden Village in Kepong slow in service

[Pixs copyright Ewe Paik Leong]

An African, donned in a jacket, complains to the restaurant supervisor: "Where's our food? We've been waiting for almost two hours!"

"What's your table number?" the girl asks.

The black man points to a table in the open-air courtyard ornameted with fountains and ponds.

This scene is taking place in Thai Garden Village, located opposite the Kepong Hotel, with a seating capacity for at least 500 people, but its kitchen is under-staffed. The place is packed as a birthday celebration is being held.

I'm waiting for three other dishes. Salt baked red tilapia (RM26.90) was served half an hour ago: I find it so-so but my daughter says it's sweet. Green curry chicken (RM16.90) and jelly fish salad (RM16.90) arrives soon.

Shouldn't the salad be served first? Well, never mind. It's not love at first bite for the spicy jelly fish but it's the standard taste. The green curry exudes a strong aroma but is on the salty side. The chicken slices came from the breast meat which is not my fancy.

Waiting for the steamed sotong Thai style (RM22.90) takes up another 20 minutes of our time. Jesuz! The slices are rubbery and I chew until my jaw tires and I give up and stop eating.

Address: Lot 32713, 6 1/2 Mile, Jalan Kepong, KL (Next to Shell station).


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