Monday, August 22, 2011

Nightclub hostess gives tips on spotting highly-sexed women through siang mien (physiognomy)

[Pixs of models for illutration purpose only]

Saturday night at 11:45pm: My buddies Chow Kah, Hussein, together with the hot, hot GROs -- pulchritude-packed Jessica, who’s a sight to relish and Wati, a 36-24-36 sex bomb with curves shaped to arouse – and I are talking shop in the VIP Room of Hot Legs Niteclub & Karaoke, tucked in Bukit Bintang, the ritzy district of Kay El (Kuala Lumpur). Our voices are hoarse from too much singing and it is time to slow the momentum with some chit-chat.

“Ah...Chow Kah, our playboy king, care to share any recent success or failure stories in your philandering?” I ask, peeling a slice of fresh orange.

“I went to a dance club in Jalan Ampang recently. Tried to chat up a hot gurl but she rejected me. Funny, she was dressed sexily but turned out to be cold. Then I approached a plain Jane who was wearing pant suit. Hah...! She agreed to join me for dinner and dancing.”

“Don’t judge a woman’s sexuality by the way she dresses,” saya Wati, exposing silky brown skin with her black, bare-back dress. Seated beside her is Hussein – his hands are cracking groundnuts, but in his mind, he is caressing the soft curves of Wati’s tender flesh.

Jessica concurrs: “Yes, siang mien or physiognomy or face-reading is more reliable than sizing up her dressing. According to ancient Chinese belief, the size of a man’s organ is indicated by his nose; the bigger his nose, the bigger his organ and vice-versa. For a woman, the size and the shape of her womanhood is indicated by her mouth."

We three guys suddenly feel consicous of our noses!

“To determine whether a woman is highly sexed, you should look at her brows for a start. A woman whose eye brows are shaped like a new moon is emotional and liable to physical passion. That means she is easy to pick up and go to bed with.” Dressed in a revealing-neck-lined top exposing her prominent peaks, Jessica is churning up lust in Chow Kah who's snuggled next to her.

He explores Jessica’s sensual curvature teasingly. “Interesting...but what are new moon eye brows?” Her silk stockings are cold to his touch but hot to the eyes.

“New moon eye brows are like inverted semi-circles.” Jessica’s manicured, slender forefingers draw two imaginary inverted U’s in the air.

“The eyes're also an indicator. If there're clusters of red dots in the whites of the eyes, that woman is a nymphomaniac.”

Hussein and Wati hypnotically gaze into each other’s eyes, checking for red spots in the whites. Her perfume cloys his nostrils like sweet dew, and the spell is broken. They burst out laughing.

“Next you should look at her mouth. According to siang mien masters, a woman with a small mouth's more easily satisfied in love-making than one whose mouth is large. Thick lips also indicate strong passion.”

I stare at Jessica’s mouth. “Hmmm...I notice that you use your lip liner and lipstick inside the natural lip line so that your lips look thinner. Your lips actually are thick. Hah....! That means you’re highly sexed!”

“Nonsense...” snaps Jessica with a coquettish laugh. Her mouth is like a red flower photographed blooming in fast-motion. “Other features can counter balance; please let me continue. Ears are also an indicator of a woman’s sex drive. A small ear lobe with a round and wide inner circle shows the woman has a strong sex urge. In addition, if she has a round outer ear, the woman's not only interested in sex but is too lusty except for the most hum sup man!"

“Now, look at my ear lobes. See? They’re big and longish, which neutralize my thick lips.”

Everybody is impressed with Jessica’s knowledge of siang mien. “Hey, let’s call it a night and ask for the bill,” says Chow Kah. He gulps down his Asahi, emptying the mug.

Minutes later, Mummy Lulu enters the room with the bill. She puts it on the coffee table and steps backward. Chow Kah scrutinizes the facial features of the Mamasan who's in her 50’s but packs a solid body.

"Omigosh...she has new-moon eyebrows," Chow Kah whispers to me. "Also, thick lips, small ear lobes, round outer ear and red dots in her whites of her eyes. Jesus! Mummy Lulu's highly sexed!"


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