Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kek Lok Si Temple’s Rev. Seck Jit Heng is not fit to be a monk

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All Buddhist monks have taken a vow not to seek personal gain, fame and wealth. Rev. Seck Jit Heng, abbot of Kek Lok Si temple, who was conferred the Darjah Gemilang Pangkuan Negeri by the Yang di-Pertua Negri has obviously not cultivated detachment from the layperson’s desire for awards and fame. Rev. Seck, you have defiled the image of Buddhism and monkhood by accepting the award. You are not fit to be a monk.

Monks like you inspire film producers to depict wayward monks as hum sup [lecherous] and evil in their movies. According to, in Thailand, some monks have even decided to live in the forest to be far away from human beings. The website also stated: “Such monks don't want to interact anymore with the problems of everyday life of laymen and women or don't want to interact with those monks who seek only fame and awards from the public or don't strictly follow the 227 Buddhist rules.”


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Anonymous said...

you or any good intention people should gather a following willing to expose such hypocrates ( if you believe he is) by collecting enough evidence ( particularly video or photographic--- as such eveidences are most telling and not easy to dispute). Start a blog on such matter, and I am sure support,both moral and financial will follow, to carry out this mission.