Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pasir Penambang better than Klang for seafood

Thinking of a weekend drive from Kuala Lumpur for an enjoyable seafood feast? I used to frequent Teluk Gong in Klang, but after my visit to Pasir Penambang, I find the latter is better -- Klang seafood eateries are used to over-charging KL folks. The village of Pasir Penambang consists of two short rows of shophouses and a Chinese temple worth a browse.

You're spoiled for choice of seafood restaurants here: Kim Seng, Mei Mei, Tian Wei Tian, Her Choon, Kwan Loong, Sing Hai Peng, Sing Heng Oon, River View, Petama Seafood, etc. I tried River View which has a giant crab as its mascot, and allows diners to gaze at the Selangor River, albeit with muddy waters. Overall, my meal was economical and set my palate in an explosion of ecstasy.

Getting to Pasir Penambang is easy: from KL travel to Sungai Buloh to Kuala Selangor. After the traffic light in the town centre, pass Bukit Melawati, make a loop to cross a bridge over the Selangor River. Proceed ahead and turn left after a petrol station.


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