Saturday, July 10, 2010

Snake wine has nourishing and aphrodisiac benefits

Since days of yore, snake wine (pix courtesy of and various snake products have been consumed in China. Today, capsules containing snake bile are still sold in Chinese herbal stores in Kuala Lumpur. My sinseh tells me that snake bile has a cooling effect on the body. Once, when I was suffering from "heatiness", I consumed snake-bile capsules, and it caused mild diarrhoea, but I felt better.

Back to snake wine -- it is prepared by placing a snake and herbs into a jar of rice wine and allowed to steep. Apart from nourishing the body, it also enhances sexual performance in men. My late grandfather once told me that in ancient China, men with several concubines used to drink snake wine daily for obvious reasons. I have never drunk snake wine. I always wonder if there is any risk since snakes eat toads whose skin is toxic and rats which may carry bubonic plague? Anyway, you can buy snake wine online from


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