Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Roast goose galore at Lorong Yap Hin in Kuala Lumpur

Finding roast goose in Kuala Lumpur is not easy. It is more expensive than roast duck, and has a stronger aroma but is more succulent. It also tastes marvellous when dipped in plum sauce. A search of the popular Chinese hawker areas such as Jalan Alor and Chinatown will yield zero results. However, in Lorong Yap Hin in Pudu district, three stalls sell this delicious stuff. Restoran Siew Ngap Fai, Restoran Wei Kee and Chen Chen HK BBQ Roast Goose all offer excellent roast goose, including duck. Which eatery is the best? I've tried Chen Chen and Restoran Wei Kei. Wei Kei seems better than Chen Chen. My roast goose serving for two persons, a big bowl of soup and two glasses of part chi chou at Restoran Wei Kei set me back RM52. The easiest parking is near SJK (Cina) Kung Min on Jalan Landak.


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