Thursday, June 24, 2010

China-doll sex workers' most powerful weapon: the GFE (Girlfriend Experience)

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In Malaysia, many men -- especially the Chinese- educated -- have had their life- savings conned; their marriages wrecked; others have gone into debt; still others have suffered silent heartaches, crying themselves to sleep! All simply because they had been dating China-doll sex workers and fallen in love with them. How and why do men become besotted with these sex workers?

The answer lies in the GFE (or Girlfriend Experience). Many of today's sex workers are sophisticated and shrewd marketers. Total satisfaction -- both physical and emotional -- is what they offer. Foreplay, deep French kissing, after-sex cuddling, romps in soapy water in the long bath and the use of endearments ("ai ren", "qing ren"): these are the traps baiting customers to return again and again. So, the heart of a man who doesn't have a girlfriend or has a nagging wife begins to rattle! A sex session becomes fulfilling in many aspects to the man, who is not treated like a customer but a lover. He has tasted the elusive but delicious GFE. His ego balloons... he has a new ravishing girlfriend...he feels like Enrique Iglesias or Jay Chou.

The pre- or after-sex dinners begin, followed by outings around KL or to Genting (many China-doll sex workers love to gamble), coupled with shopping sprees. Before long, the customer is a sooi yee (literally means "water fish" in Cantonese) to the "Jezebel of the East." Now the financial rape begins. She requests money for her mother's life-saving operation, the younger brother's school fees, working capital for the father's failing business, repairs to her grand-uncle's house damaged by an earthquake and what-not.

After the victim has been milked dry, the coup de grace is delivered. The sex worker returns to China to visit her sick mother or on whatever excuse, and she never calls her Malaysian "boyfriend" any more. The sooi yee is awakened from his dream, licking his financial wounds. The GFE -- please be aware of its magical power.


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