Monday, May 24, 2010

Grilled fish that makes you cry

"Ada 'ikan bakar menangis' kah?" (Got crying grilled fish?") I asked the waitress, stepping into Restoran D'Chow Kit on...where else?...Jalan Chow Kit in KL. Actually, its signboard with the words "ikan bakar menangis" had attracted me in.

Pointing to two salad plates filled with fishes covered with sambal, she replied in a strong Indonesian accent: "Ada, ini dua ikan bakar menangis -- ada ikan pari dan juga ikan bawal." (Got, these two are 'crying fish'; got stingray and pomfret)

"Siapa menangis? Pelanggan atau ikan?" (Who's crying? Customer or fish?)

She laughed. "Penjual pun menangis!" (The seller also cries!)

I took one plate of the ikan pari and another plate of ayam bakar.

"Ikan menangis" was an overstatement. I had expected the sambal to be searing hot, bringing tears to my eyes, but it was not. Both dishes were excellent and cheap.


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