Friday, February 26, 2010

Scrumptious salted chicken and smoked duck from Tat Seng in Ipoh

Despite being handicapped -- in my opinion -- as a take-way restaurant, Tat Seng in Ipoh is slowly but surely earning praises for its salted chicken and smoked duck. Wrapped in special paper, the chicken that has been stuffed with herbs is baked in coarse salt. The slight saltiness complements the herbal flavour and the meat can be torn away easily. Great! Also a winner is the smoked duck; it is sold in a plastic bag and needs to be cooked in either a microwave oven or heat oven. Gourmets who are tired of the usual Chinese roasted duck will find the taste of the smoked duck in a class of its own. Tat Seng is located on Jalan Raja Ekram opposite the Jubilee Park.


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