Sunday, February 21, 2010

Country's only Tibetan temple is in Tambun

Tambun, a small town 20km north-east of Ipoh is home to the country's only Tibetan temple named Persatuan Enlightened Heart Buddhist. Due to lack of promotion, it is relatively unknown except to Ipoh residents. Maintenance is also sorely needed as the floors of its impressive 13-level pagoda is littered with bird droppings.

Climbing to the top level certainly takes your breath away, but the view of the countryside is worth the effort. A massive statue of Lord Buddha is housed at the top level, and another statue stands atop a separate building with a verdant limestone hill as a picturesque backdrop.

The ground floor of the pagoda is stocked with colourful vases donated by devotees (pix above) and subsequent levels are adorned with statues of Tibetan Buddhism deities. If you are scared of heights, looking down the stairway well (pix above) can give you the shivers!

Getting there: From Ipoh, travel to Tambun. At the town centre, turn left to the Police Station. Drive past the station and after you see the factory of Nonwoven Industries Products (M) Sdn Bhd, turn left as indicated by a signboard.

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