Monday, November 23, 2009

Nightclub hostesses -- how to choose one that suits your taste

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When dusk sweeps across Kuala Lumpur's skyline and most office ladies have gone home, women of another breed are preparing for work. They are the hostesses (or GROs) who work in nightclubs, karaoke lounges and bars. Their function is to provide fun, laughter and companionship for the male patrons.

Men who seek out hostesses go home either disappointed or happy -- after having parted with their hard-earned money. The disappointed are the inexperienced who choose the wrong type of hostess; they often select novice hostesses by assuming that such women are easier to take advantage of. But don't be too sure. Knowing the ploys of men, madams (or mamasans) often ask veteran hostesses to front as newbies who pretend to be shy.

One common false notion held by many customers is that they can fondle any hostess. Actually, the amount of body contact varies from place to place. In a nightspot that emphasizes atmosphere, customers are only allowed to put an arm around the waist or shoulder of the hostess. However, sleazy joints that permit sex allow anything to everything. It goes without saying that hostesses in expensive nightclubs are more educated and well-behaved and dress more elegantly.

According to Mummy Lulu, a mamasan of a nightclub in KL's Golden Triangle, hostesses can be divided into three types: the "playmate", the "model" and the "girlfriend." The "playmate" type of hostess is usually young and cute, says Lulu. She is cheerful and bubbly but can be temperamental, and is more suited for younger customers who want to have fun (such as karaoke singing or dancing) but not for those who want to relax over drinks or drown his sorrows. She likes to chit-chat about parties, music and fashion. It is easy to start and end a friendship with a "playmate" hostess as she is friviolous about such matters.

The "model" hostess is more intelligent and sophisticated than the "playmate" counterpart. Usually, she is attractive, tall and elegant. It is difficult to know her on a personal basis as she seldom mixes her professional and personal lives. She doesn't like customers who are timid or scholarly, and prefers confident, successful businessmen and professionals with thick wallets. If a customer succeeds in befriending her, he will find that she is usually demanding. It is usually expensive to keep a "model" hostess as a mistress.

Mummy Lulu adds that for the average man, the "girlfriend" type of hostess is best. Compared to the "model" hostess, she is of average looks, average height, and is more simplistic in thinking. Often, she has the customer's interest at heart. If a customer feels tipsy, she may discourage him from more drinks; if he wants to talk about his personal problems, she will lend a sympathetic ear. Many customers can develop a emotional attachment to the "girlfriend" hostess; she, too, can fall in love with a regular customer.

All three types of hostesses are required for a nightclub to flourish, according to Mummy Lulu. The "girlfriend" hostesses will lure in the Average Joes for repeat business; the "model" hostesses are more compatible with serious customers into business entertainment; and the "playmate" hostesses are ideal for fun, fun and more fun on festive occasions, birthdays and celebrations.


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