Saturday, October 17, 2009

Best "mua chee" in KL's Chinatown

The food scene in KL's Chinatown is always changing. Stalls come and go. Years ago, a mobile rock candy stall used to operate outside the Popular Bookstore, (the hawker would use a chisel and hammer to slice off pieces from a colourful slab of rock candy) but it has disappeared; a mua chee stall of average standard at Jalan Sultan has also said goodbye to Chinatown. Currently, a mua chee stall in Jalan Petaling is drawing the crowds. For the uninitiated, mua chee is a snack consisting of slices of springy glutinous rice flour coated with a mixture of granulated sugar, sesame seeds and grinded peanuts. Five flavours of mua chee are available from this stall; namely, pineapple, black sesame, grape, lychee and pandan. A box costs RM5. As they say, "belum cuba, belum tahu; sudah cuba, lagi mahu". This sweet old lady's fare has been featured in a Chinese newspaper, which testifies to its popularity. Yes, I also quite like her mua chee.

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