Monday, April 17, 2017

Wati and Hussein eat Teochew porridge at 4am!

"So, where did Hussein take you last night?" I take a sip of my water-melon juice and lean back in my chair. "Chow Kah told me he dated you after the nightclub closed. I was working late so I couldn't come."

Wati (pix above) smooths her hair  "We ate Teochew porridge at Paradize Poolside Coffee House. It was quite a romantic spot as we sat beside the pool. " She takes out her handphone and touches the screen. "Here's a photo of the place (pix below). It's in Lodge Paradize Hotel at Jalan Raja Chulan."

Wati and I are eating lunch in Restoran Biryani Asif at Jalan Walter Grenier in the Golden Triangle, KL.

"They serve Teochew porridge at such a late hour?"

"Yes, it available until 5 am." Wati adjusts a bra strap. "I told Hussein I don't want to eat fried oily food, so he took me there. And the place is halal, too." She shovels a spoonful of nasi biryani into her mouth and starts to chew.

"Tasty? I mean the porridge."

"Okay, but it's pricey, you know, hotel price." Wati touches the screen of her handphone again. "I took a selfie with Hussein (pix below)." She shows the screen to me. "See? He was grinning like an ape!"

I flash Wati a sly smile. "Anything interesting happened after your supper with him?"

"I asked him to send me home as I was tired." Wati dabs at one corner of her mouth with a piece of tissue paper. "He looked disappointed and asked whether he could come up my condo for a quick blowjob?"

My eyes widen in surprise. "Great balls of fire! That rascal's so daring? What did you say to him?"

"I said, 'Darling, can you pull over at the 7-11 store further down the road? You can get a Slurpee there! It's as good as a blowjob.' "


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