Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mor Sai meets a punk in Hot Legs Niteclub & Karaoke

Ang Mor Sai (pix  above), Chow Kah's father, steps into Hot Legs Niteclub, saunters to the bar and climbs atop a stool.  "Hey, Suzanna," he cries to the barmaid (pix below), "get me a Siam Mary!"

"Okay, sir." She mixes a Siam Mary and hands it to him.

As Mor Sai is sipping his Thai-inspired cocktail, a punk goes to sit beside him.

"Beer, please," says the punk, who's sporting mohawk hairdo dyed in a kaleidoscope of colours (right pix).

Mor Sai puts down his glass and looks at the punk. He picks up his drink again, takes a sip and tosses his gaze at the punk again.

The punk swivels on his stool to face Mor Sai. "Hey, you bloody old man! What are you staring at? I bet when you were young, you were also wild and did crazy things, right?"

Mor Sai puts down his glass and licks his lips. "Yup, I was wild, too. I wore bell bottoms, had shoulder-length hair and smoked pot. One occasion, while I was high, I had sex with a parrot. I was looking at you because I was wondering if you're my illegitimate son."


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