Monday, March 6, 2017

"Bah! There's nothing to see in the Chetti Village!" bewails Jessica

I learn forward to put my elbows on the table. "How's your weekend trip?" I ask Jessica.  "Chow Kah said you went to Malacca?" I take an inhale, and the fragrance of ylang ylang from her perfume makes me float on olfacory bliss.

Jessica cranes her neck to suck at the straw in her glass of  Pepsi. "I had a nice time in Malacca except for a few disappointments." She wipes her kiss-inviting lips with her tongue.

"Oh? What disappointments?"

Jessica and I are sitting in Food Republic in Pavilion shopping mall, KL.

"We dropped by the Chetti Village. Bah! Nothing to see there!  Just several wooden houses and two un-spectacular temples."

"Er, who's 'we' ?"

"Wati and me." She crosses her legs at the ankles and leans backwards.

"Then why did you go there?"

"Misleading information!" Jessica wags her palm (pix above). "Because it was listed as a tourist attraction in a silly brochure found in our hotel." She takes her mobile and taps on the sceeen. "But Jonker Street was fun. Here's my video of Wati (pix below) slurping on something cold in a sidewalk cafe in Jonker Street. Christ! Passers-by were ogling at her." She shows me the screen of her mobile.

I almost gape. "I don't blame them."

"Then, the old Baba Nyonya hotel we stayed in was terrible."

My eyes span wider with curiosity. "Oh, tell me more!"

"Our room was short of one bath towel." She runs her slender fingers through her hair. "I phoned reception and asked for one more. The grumpy crone at the other end of the line  said, 'please wait a while, someone's using it.' "


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