Monday, January 16, 2017

In the Yin Fire Rooster Year 2017, avoid flying in airplanes with birds as their logos, advises Sifu Sabrina

Walking down a corridor in Low Yat Plaza, KL, I stop at the door of Sifu Sabrina’s office, put the box of Mandarin oranges I’m holding with both hands on the floor, and knock a few times.

A muffled voice says, “Come on in.”

I ease the knob, open the door a crack and stoop to heave up my box of Mandarin oranges.  Carrying the box with both hands, I push the door open with my hip and stride inside.

Sifu Sabrina is sitting at her desk, rummaging her handbag in front of her on her desk. She looks up (pix above), snaps her handbag shut and shoves it aside. “Hello! Yin Fire Metal Rooster Year starts on January 28!” She makes a mock flapping of wings with her arms (right pix).  “Bock! Bock! Bock Bock!” A little-girl giggle erupts from her throat.

“Mandarin oranges for you.” I put the box on one of two empty chairs in front of her desk, and plunk my butt on the other. “Your predictions for the Chinese animal signs ready?”

“Why, you son of a – ’’ she cocks her head sideways (pix below), “son of a sly man! There’s no such thing as a  free lunch or a free box of oranges, isn’t it?”  She pauses for breath. “Done halfway. I told you I’d call you when it’s ready, didn’t I?”

“In that case, can you give some important general impressions about 2017?”

Sifu Sabrina rests her elbows on her desk. “The first thing I want to warn your readers is to avoid flying in airlines which have depictions of birds as their logo.”

“Holy cow!” My jaw sags in surprise. “What makes you say that?”

“2017 is the Yin Fire Metal Rooster, symbolized by fire and metal atop a rooster. Fire destroys metal, and an aeroplane can symbolize a metal rooster. Yin fire is different from Yang fire. Yin fire is small and can symbolize a spark, a short circuit, or a candle flame. Therefore, risks of accidents with these airplanes are high.”

I raise my eye brows. “Serious?”

“Of course! In 1957, which was also a Yin Fire Metal Rooster Year, President Ramon Magsaysay of the Philippines died when his Douglas aeroplane crashed in Cebu island.”

“Garuda and Japan Airlines have birds as their logos!”

Sabrina chews on her little finger (top pix) as she ponders for a second. “Yes, but there’s also Lufthansa and China Eastern Airlines. Lufthansa’s logo is a stylized crane, Chinese Eastern sports a stylized swallow.”

“So, next year isn’t good.”

“Yes, there’ll be conflicts, acts of terrorism, natural disasters and fires. Since fire destroys metal, the metal-element industries like banking, stock market, motor spare parts stores, mechanical engineering, IT and petroleum will have a challenging year ahead.” She hikes her chin. “In traditional Chinese medicine, the fire element represents the lungs and circulation. People will be prone of infections of the lung and skin –  the skin can absorb oxygen if you still remember your biology studied in school. In fact, there may be a chicken flu epidemic next year.”

She whips out a pair of sunglasses from a drawer and puts them on (pix above). “I’ve to go out now, but I’ll give you one more prediction.” She releases a gentle exhale, and I catch a whiff of peppermint. “Rooster is a strong peach-blossom animal which is related to love and romance." She leans back on her swivel chair and puts her hands behind her head (right pix). "This means entertainment and glamorous industries like movies, fashion boutiques, beauty salons,  nightclubs, dance clubs and other businesses which open at night will be favoured.  There’ll also be sex scandals that will make front-page news. Many na├»ve young girls will also fall victims to unscrupulous playboys or get involved in love affairs with married men."  

I give a soft, low whistle.

Sifu Sabrina jackknifes to her feet. “Please excuse me, I want to go shopping.”  She starts to round her table. “Thanks for the oranges.”


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