Sunday, January 22, 2017

Predictions for 2017 for the Chinese zodiac animal signs, according to Sifu Sabrina

Overall, this is an average year because of conflict with Tai-Sui. Great effort is needed to achieve desired results. Money luck is so-so so avoid hasty investments and don’t gamble. However, the influence of the Moon as an auspicious star will mitigate the negative effects of Tai Sui in career and business.  If you are a male employee with a female boss, she will reward you for good work or give you bigger opportunities. Businessmen dealing with women’s products such as cosmetics, perfumes and fashion will get favourable contracts.  Also, thanks to the Sky Happiness Star, love luck will blossom. Married Rats will find harmony with their partners, while single Rats will be able to find a boyfriend or girlfriend.  The Rat’s social life will be pretty busy.  As a result, Rats need to reduce stress and relax more. Those with lung ailments such as asthma will need extra precaution. Drive carefully as accident risks are high and show compassion to the destitute and stray animals to earn good merits.

This is a favourable year for the Ox. As money luck is good, seeking lottery predictions from Tua Pek Kong or other gods of wealth may bring a windfall. Oxen will get recognition in their career but there is danger of jealousy from colleagues.  The Ox should be beware of back-stabbing and malefactors plotting his or her downfall. A jobless Ox will secure employment this year. The Elegant Seal Star will favour fashion designers, writers, artists and those involved in creative work.  Ox businessmen should not be complacent but be wary of competitors who might resort to dirty tactics. This is a good year for the Ox to get married. Health presents no major problems.

Having suffered under Tai Sui last year, the Tiger can expect a moderate 2017 as fortunes will be mixed. Don’t expect big money but concentrate on recovery and transformation.   Steady-growth investments are preferred to fast-money-high-risk ventures.  Tiger employees will make progress in their career.  There will be benefactors due to the presence of the National Seal Star.  Tigers seeking a job change will get a higher position.  Young ambitious Tigers will benefit from studying for a new qualification. Tigers should be careful with legal issues this year. They should make sure that their tax matters and all unpaid traffic summons don’t lead to court cases. Also, they should be careful not to post anything slanderous on their Facebook accounts and blogs. Tiger businesspeople should scrutinize the small print in all business agreements, and be wary of potential dishonest employees. Married Tigers can plan to have a baby who will be well blessed. A Tiger in a relationship should avoid controlling the other party excessively.  Health luck is good.

This is an unfavourable year for the Rabbit. Finances are not within the Rabbit’s control. Don’t lend money to anyone and be prepared for unexpected expenditures. Avoid job change as it will not lead to a better post.  Colleagues will create problems, but avoid confrontations. Instead, lie low.  Rabbit businesspeople will encounter obstacles such as unapproved bank loans or rejection of proposals. They should solve business disputes through arbitration and not lawsuits. Stress caused by financial and career problems may aggravate illnesses, so go for regular medical check-ups.  Quarrels may prevail in the family or with your spouse. Accident risks are high so avoid dangerous sports and drive carefully. Donate blood or give food to stray animals to mitigate the risk of accidents. Be prepared for a roller-coaster year.

The Dragon will enjoy an excellent year as it is compatible with the Rooster. Several lucky stars will also help the Dragon. Money luck is at an all-time high, so chances of speculative wealth is good.  Right time to visit Marina Bay Sands Casino if you're tired of Gentings. However, gamble within your means. A Dragon employee can expect a raise or a bonus for good performance, and businesspeople will see growth and expansion.  Those seeking to start a business will get help from various quarters. They should seize all available opportunities that come their way. Love luck is stable. However, Dragons born in the years 1976 and 1988 may have love or marriage problems. A hectic time will give the Dragon minor ailments. The worst thing a Dragon can do this year is not to do anything new!

The Snake will go through this year without major hardships but there will not any earth-shaking change to their life situations either. Money luck is good but the presence of the White Tiger Star may cause disturbances. Stock market or real estate speculations may bring small profits. Snake employees can expect more pressure and workload but there will commensurate rewards. Those in sales and public relations will do well. Businesspeople will face minor obstacles, but they can overcome them by exerting greater effort. Better marketing communications with clients is vital this year.  Seeking help from people whose luck is good such as Dragon people is another way to overcome the barriers. In romance, Snakes born in the years of 1989 and 1977 will have relationship problems. They should avoid extra-marital affairs. Generally, Snakes will enjoy good health in 2017.

The Horse will not have an easy year as it is in indirect conflict with Tai Sui. Luckily, the presence of several auspicious stars mitigates the negative effects to a certain extent. Money luck from speculation is zilch. So forget about that gambling cruise to nowhere. Career-wise, the Horse should work more and talk less. The rebellious Horse may even lose his or her job. The Horse businesspeople should exercise ethical practices as there will be controversies with important clients and authorities. Consumers may complain about your products to the relevant authorities.  Those in renovation, mining, and demolition will do well. Female Horses born in 2002 will need strict parental guidance as they will be prone to unwanted pregnancies. This is the result of the influence of the Peach Blossom Star. Married Horses should not succumb to temptations from the opposite gender. Horses should pay serious attention to their health.  Serious health problems may arise if symptoms are ignored.

This is not a bright year for the Sheep. Wealth luck is weak. So forget about Naga World Casino in Phnom Penh or asking for lottery predicions from the small Datuk Kong shrine under the tree. In career, be mentally prepared for unexpected problems.  Be humble in your work achievements so as not to attract back-stabbers.The Sheep should be careful of what they gossip or say as the risk of offending superiors or clients is high.  Businesspeople should be alert to new challenges and emerging new markets. Staying in the comfort zone may result in losing business to their competitors.  In the second half of 2017, expenditure will grow which can cause financial strains.  Love luck is fair but not stable.A Sheep's boyfriend or girlfriend may suddenly flare up because of a trivial reason. Health needs considerable care. The Sky Dog Star indicates the possibility of having to go for an operation.  Also, don’t drink and drive. 

Though overall luck will be better than last year, the Monkey should not expect success on a grand scale this year. Gambling and speculative luck is fair. Career will proceed smoothly but inauspicious stars may affect judgment, making the Monkey prone to carelessness.  Example, forgetting where you left your car key or mobile phone or failing to renew a certain business licence or permit. So, pay careful attention to both domestic and office matters. Monkey businesspeople should use 2017 to consolidate their business rather than seek expansion.  Monkeys in the health industry like doctors, pharmacists, traditional sinsehs and nurses will do well. Though male Monkeys will enjoy good luck in romance, female Monkeys may suffer from broken relationships or get attached to the wrong man. Health luck for the Monkey is poor. Right time for the Monkey to buy medical insurance. Avoid visiting patients in hospitals or attending funerals. If you must visit, wear amulets or charms for protection. Avoid going to dangerous places or putting yourself in a situation where others can harm you physically.  Do more charity work to improve your luck.

The Rooster is in conflict with Tai Sui, so a poor year is on the cards. Though several auspicious stars are present, they are not strong enough to neutralize the bad effects of Tai Sui. Money luck from gambling is nil and Cai Shen doesn’t give two hoots about you! Problems will crop up in your career and business. Colleagues become difficult to work with and you have to avoid confrontations with them. Therefore, the Rooser has to maintain a positive attitude to meet the challenges. Businesspeople will face setbacks.  Staff resignations may cause your company not being able to function effectively. Getting married may help to reduce your problems.  A married female Rooster should have a baby, as a change of status to being a mother will help to improve things.  Accident risks are high so don’t drive recklessly or play dangerous sports.  

Dog people will experience conflicts and worry this year. They should not lend money to friends or relatives, and should not flaunt their existing wealth as they may get robbed.  Career income is stable but don’t take risks like accepting corruption money as they will be exposed later.  Dog employees should stay put in their current jobs as they may not fulfill the expectations of a new job.  Businesspeople should avoid diversification or expansion into new unknown markets unless they have  knowledgeable partners.  Best months for the dog are March and June.  Love luck is strong for female Dogs, both single and married.  Married Dogs should resist the temptation for a fling which can have dire consequences. However, they should capitalize on networking opportunities to build up useful contacts. This is not a good year for Dog people to marry. They should avoid going to funerals, graveyards and hospitals and take care of their health.

This will be an unfavourable year for the Pig. Wealth luck is poor, and the Pig needs to guard against scams and frauds by both strangers and business associates.  In the office, the Pig will have lots of arguments with colleagues and superiors. The Pig needs to be rational and avoid showing his temper. Business ventures will see hurdles. The presence of the Sky Horse Star will ensure lots of work-related travel.  Therefore, Pig businesspeople involved in transportation such as courier, forwarding agents, movers and lorry rentals will fare well. Single Pigs need not bother with joining dating websites or attending parties as love luck is dim. Married Pigs need to exercise compromise with their spouse. Health problems will crop up in the first half of the year, especially in the stomach, and the Pig’s parents may also fall ill. Pig children should avoid going to waterfalls or swimming pools as Yin luck is strong. 


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