Friday, August 5, 2016

Sifu Sabrina gives little-known tips to keep out of trouble during the Chinese Ghost Month

“Any tips for my readers to stay out of trouble during Ghost Month, Sifu Sabrina (pix above)?” I cross my legs and rest my hands on my lap. “Not those taboos which everybody knows like don’t swim, don’t start a new business, don’t hold wedding dinners, don’t hang clothes out to dry at night, postpone medical operations and so forth.” My gaze lingers on her flawless features. “Some of the lesser-known precautions to take.”

Sitting across me, Sifu Sabrina scoots forward in her chair and rests her arms on her desk. “Don’t wear a red dress and high-heeled shoes at the same time, especially at night.” Her gaze melds with mine for a moment. “Because red attracts ghosts and walking with one’s heels not touching the ground is akin to hopping like a zombie.”

“How high is considered high?”

Sifu Sabrina lifts one foot upward (pix above). “See? This is considered high.”

“Er, it’s time you wax your legs.”

She puts her foot down. “Women should not wax their legs during the Ghost Month!”

My eyebrows arch in surprise. “Why?”

She picks up a ball pen. “Women should also not pluck their eyebrows during this month. Hair provides an additional layer of protection against yin energy.” She starts to twirl the ball pen through her fingers.

“I see.”

“Also don’t order any white and black suits from the tailor this month. Like tuxedos, for instance. Black and white are associated with funerals.” She puts the ball pen down.  “Women with bangs should pin it high when they sleep. The aura on a person’s forehead is important in deterring possession by an evil spirit. When a person's luck is bad, every positive element helps.”

Sabrina snaps her fingers. “Now, I remember something else regarding clothes. A biker should avoid jackets or clothes with pictures of skulls and bones. Spirits may mistake him or her  as one of them and take the biker home to Hell!”

“Holy cow! That’s scary!” I release an exhale. "What else?"

“If admission to hospital is unavoidable because of illness, leave the lights in the room on when sleeping. The mortuary of every hospital is filled to the brim with lurking spirits. They're eagar to seek new victims as replacements. For homes, it is also preferable to leave the front porch lights on for this entire month. On your person, carry a Chung Kwei pendant. This deity is the ultimate terminator of evil spirits!" Her lips curve into a beautiful smile. "Eeeeeeeeeek!"  She leaps up from her chair. “Something touched my legs! Might be a ghost!”

I look underneath her desk. “It’s a cute cat!”

Sifu Sabrina looks downward (pix above). “Oh, it’s my Kitty!”


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