Thursday, April 7, 2016

PR consultant Paulina Phuar advises job-seeker Jeff how to jazz up his resume

“Jeff, what’s your problem?” Paulina Phuar (pix above), KL’s top PR consultant, looks at him over the rim of her glasses.  Seated across her desk is Jeff Koh, wearing a t-shirt and an ear-ring.  

“I graduated last year but I’m still jobless.” He opens a file and pulls out a sheet of paper. “Here’s my resume. Can you help me to improve on it?” He puts the paper in front of Paulina.

“Sure.” Paulina looks down at Jeff’s resume for a moment and flicks her gaze at him. “I notice you’re tall so for a start, you can add that you’ve good leadership qualities.”

Jeff scribbles down what Paulina says in a spiral-bound notebook.

“What about your social life? Any church activities? Any voluntary work? Any girlfriend?

“Nope, no girlfriend.” Jeff shakes his head. “I cannot even get a bearded lady for a date, so I only go drinking with male friends. Every weekend I’m out till the wee hours. We can get pretty rowdy in a pub. You know, crack dirty jokes, play darts.”

“You’re too ugly to get a girlfriend, eh?” A crimp wrinkles Paulina’s nose as she ponders for a moment. “But we can twist that into an asset. Say you give work top priority and relegate social life to the backseat. Also add that you can stay back long hours even after midnight if necessary to meet tight deadlines.” She fingers the side of her face and grins (right pix). "Who's to know if you're swilling beer late at night in the office?" 

Jeff’s mobile phone beeps and he dips his hand into his trouser pocket to take it out. “Excuse me.” He reads the sms on his moby and jabs a few buttons to reply.

Paulina snaps her fingers. “Why, of course! You can also include that you’ve excellent written communications skills.” She flicks a downward gaze. "I don't see that in your resume."

Jeff writes down Paulina’s advice.
“Just now you mentioned cracking dirty jokes, right?” Paulina purses her lips. “Add that you've a healthy sense of humour that helps build rapport with co-workers.” She leans back in her leather swivel chair which creaks. “Which in turn builds teamwork." She steeples her hands. "So, Jeff, I wish you the best of luck in your job hunt with your improved resume.”


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