Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jessica says a man’s blood type determines his sex life

 [Pixs of models for illustration only]

Jessica (pix above) puts down her chopsticks and pushes her empty plate away.“Chow Kah, what’s your blood type?” Her eyes look puffy from lack of sleep. Also with us are Hussein and Wati. 

Seated beside Jessica, Chow Kah takes out a tissue from his shirt pocket “Type B.” He hands the tissue to Jessica.

“Hah!” Jessica wipes her lips and grins. “You’re a monger and a bed-hopper!”

Chow Kah’s jaw drops a full inch. “H-how did you know?”

From the corner of my eye, I see Hussein and Wati smirking.

“I read it from the Internet!" Jessica takes a sip of her tequila. "Your blood type determines your sex style.”

I cast a glance at Jessica. “Which website?”

She whips out her mobile from the back pocket of her jorts and fiddles with it. “Japanzine dot j p.” She scrolls down after pressing a button. “Article is titled Love, Sex & Blood Types. There…it says here…tends to be attracted to many different women…separates sex and love and can have sex that is purely physical.”

Hussein plunges his hand into his trouser pocket and takes out his mobile.  “This I gotta read!” Turning to Wati, he jabs a few buttons on his hp and moves closer to her. “Darling, let’s read this together.”  Hussein and Wati huddle cheek-to-cheek to read the article on the screen. “Wati dear, what’s your blood type?”

“A!” Wati runs her hand through her hair (pix above).  “See? For women with blood type B, it says can’t have sex without love. So if you’ve dirty thoughts about me, darling, fat chance for you.”

Hussein mutters with his mouth full,  “So, Jess, that means sexual compatibility depends on a man's and woman’s blood type?”

“Yes, there’s another site that talks about this subject." Jessica twirls some strands of hair playfully. "URL is test/sex_covm.htm."

The door of the karaoke room swings open and enter the dragon, er, I mean, the dragon-lady, Mummy Lulu. She is garbed in red polka dot pants and matching top.

“Knock! Knock!” Sticking out her tongue, she feigns a curtsy (right pix) “Sorry to interrupt but I overheard your discussion.” She casts a curious gaze at Jessica. “Does the article say anything about the blood type of a sex-hungry cougar?”

I adjust my spectacles. “Why?”

“Ah, nothing, I just want to know my blood type."


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