Saturday, February 27, 2016

Chow Kah takes the Fear Factor Challenge at Hot Legs Niteclub

[Pixs of models for illustration only]

“Hey, Jess, what’s going on?” Chow Kah takes a glug of his beer and licks his lips. “There’s an empty beer tube half-filled with fifty-ringgit bills on the bar.”

“Come I’ll show you.” Jessica (pix above) rises from the sofa and leads Chow Kah outside the karaoke room with me following behind. “The wager is fifty ringgit but you’ll win five hundred if you complete all three Fear Factor challenges.” She points to a makeshift ring at one end of the hall. “First, you’ve to last one round in mixed martial arts with our bouncer. One round is five minutes.”

“Where’s he?”

“There!” Jessica points to a burly guy standing at the doorway with arms folded (right pix). His thick neck supports a pock-marked face that resembles pineapple skin.

“I can take him, no problem.” Chow Kah slaps his hands on his hips. “I do tai chi every morning, but it’s also a fighting art.” His gaze fuses to Jessica’s for a moment. “What’s next?”

“See that door at the left end of the hall? Inside the room is a pit-bull.” Jessica signals to James the bar-tender who waves a leather collar with a bell in his hand. “You’ve to put that collar round the neck of the pit bull!”

“I love dogs! No pit-bull’s going to scare me!” 

“Great! One thing before you can win your five hundred. See the door to the right end of the hall?” The corners of Jessica’s lips tip upward in a grin. “An eighty-year-old over-sexed lady is in there. You’ve to make love to her!”

“What! Yuks! Over my dead body!” Chow Kah starts to walk back to the karaoke room, his right arm encircled over Jessica’s waist. "No deal!"

I go to the bar, sit down on a stool and talk shop with James the bartender.  An hour passes and Chow Kah, highly inebriated, staggers out of the karaoke room. He slaps a fifty ringgit note on the counter, and James takes out four pairs of gloves. I can smell the stench of alcohol from Chow Kah's breath as he passes me to go to the boxing ring. 

After the gloves are strapped on the bouncer and Chow Kah, they're slugging it out in the ring.  When the five-minute round ends, Jessica takes off Chow Kah’s gloves and he walks with rubbery legs to a room at the end of the hall. Poor guy! His eyes are puffy and his right cheek is swollen All the patrons are shouting encouragement, “Go! Go! Go!”

Five minutes later, Chow Kah comes out. “Shit! It’s so dark inside!” His hands are covered with blood. “But I gave the sweet old lady a good time!” His half-lidded eyes flick a gaze to the bartender. “Hey, James! Where’s the dog collar? Time to handle that beast!”

Jessica shrieks (pix below), “My gawd! Chow Kah, you went to the wrong room! You just came out of the pit-bull’s room!”


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