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Year 2016 predictions for the 12 Chinese animal horoscope signs, according to Sifu Sabrina.

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I enter Sifu Sabrina's posh office in Low Yat Plaza and see her at her rosewood desk. "Happy New Year!" I say, handing over a plastic bag.

"Thank you. " She leans forward on her desk. "What's this?"

"Some strawberries. " I plunk down on the visitor's chair, catching a whiff of her perfume. "A small token of appreciation for your predictions."

Sifu Sabrina reaches for the plastic bag and takes out three boxes of strawberries. "Where're they from? Ben's Independent Grocer? I know you like to shop there."  

I lean back on my chair and cross my legs at the knees. "Gohtong Jaya."

She opens a left-hand drawer, takes out a sheet of paper and hands it over to me. "Here you are -- my 2016 predictions."   

"Thanks." I put the sheet of paper in front of me and start to read her predictions: 

(1) RAT
Generally, this is a year free from major worries or problems.  Newly married female Rats may get pregnant while single Rats have an excellent chance of finding a life partner. Their social calendar will be pretty busy. Married Rats will enjoy harmonious relationship with their spouse. Career may see obstacles but Rats will meet saviours or helpful people.  So exercise patience and perseverance and your job problems will be solved. Rat businesspeople have an excellent chance to earn profits. This is the year to consolidate business for future growth. The first half of the year may pose minor health problems but from July onward, the Rat will be scurrying around in the pink of health.

(2) COW
For 2016, the idiom “nothing ventured, nothing gained” applies to the Cow. Rewards await the hard-working Cow, which is laid-back by nature. Right time for Cows to get up and put in more elbow grease. Relationship with spouse will be slightly rocky during the first half of 2016. Exercise give-and-take and all will end well. Unmarried Cows may find romance.  It is auspicious for Cow salaried employees to change to a better job or to ask for a promotion. Cow businesspeople need to use their acumen to the maximum to earn profits. The last quarter of 2016 will stretch the Cow’s business resources so cut down on unnecessary expenditure. In any business dispute, Cows have the upper-hand provided they have been alert and vigilant to legal loopholes and hidden clauses in fine print. The Cow will enjoy excellent health for 2016.

Being in direct conflict with Tau Sui, Tigers will need to make changes as this year is bad for  them.  Single Tigers have many opportunities to develop relationships but don’t rush in blindly.  Watch out for scams, insincere lovers and wolves in sheep clothing.  Married Tigers will suffer from emotional stress because of third-party interference.  The wage-earning Tiger will be burdened with new projects or additional responsibilities without any commensurate reward. Don’t resign in haste but consider new job offers carefully. Otherwise the Tiger will jump out of the fire into the frying pan. The 3rd and 4th quarter of 2016 will see financial strain on Tiger businesspeople. Budgets may have to be revised.  In business disputes, avoid court cases but seek arbitration as the Tiger's position is weak. As 2016 will severely tap the stamina of Tigers, they need to strengthen their immune system. 

Overall, this is a satisfactory year. Relationship with one’s spouse will not be smooth in the 1st and 2nd quarters but by the end of the year, all problems will be solved. It is better for a newly-married  Rabbit to postpone any plan of having a baby. The popularity of single Rabbits will soar so this is the right time to expand their social circles. The heart of the married Rabbit may be rattled by a voluptuous sex bomb or a handsome hunk, but don’t be tempted to fool around. In career, the Rabbit should grab any opportunity of a new job offer. The new employer will like the Rabbit employee.  Businesspeople can venture to new markets or diversify or form new partnerships. Health is fragile and accidents may happen which will injure the Rabbit’s arms or legs.

This is a productive year for the Dragon. In love, the single Dragon can find a boyfriend or girlfriend. A Dragon in love can consider engagement or marriage. The eyes of the married Dragon will be roving as temptations will cross his path.  The active social life of the Dragon means that new friendships will be forged.  Chances of career advancement for the salaried Dragon are excellent.  Those in business can expect the cash register to ring more often. This is the time to set aside funds for future expansion.  Business lawsuits, if any, will be in the Dragon’s favour. The Dragon will have opportunities for overseas trips or more leisure activities because of improved finances.  Health will be trouble-free but be wary of food poisoning.       

The Snake will enjoy a fairly good year even though it is in indirect conflict with Tai Sui. In love, the male Snake will fare better in love than the female Snake. The female Snake needs to make the first move to hook a boyfriend but the male snake will be courted by more than one suitor.  The Snake employee will not encounter any major problem and work will go on as usual.  The bottom line of Snake businesspeople will be stable. However, there’s a risk of contingencies like bad debts and new government policies which can upset plans.  On a brighter note, new opportunities will present themselves but it is up to the Snake to pursue them according to their capabilities. They should not bite off more than they can chew. Health may suffer from over-activity if Snakes don’t make the time to rejuvenate themselves.    

This is an excellent year for the Horse. Love relationship will be smooth and married Horses will enjoy harmony with their spouse. If single Horses cast their net wide in new places, they will encounter exciting romances. Horses already in love will develop stronger bonds with their boyfriend or girlfriend. Career luck is good. A raise in salary is on the cards if the Horse’s performance is good. Relationship with co-workers will be cordial.   Businesspeople can expect tougher competition but they will still end up with a healthy P&L account through good management skills.  This is the time to plan for smart investments to weather future storms.  Health is trouble-free but be careful when exercising as there may be accidental injuries to muscles and bones.

(8) GOAT
Overall, this is a fair year for the Goat. Therefore, he/she needs to be proactive to stay on top of things. Love luck is overly strong. A past lover may appear and create trouble for the Goat. Social gatherings, dating websites and parties present opportunities for meeting a future love-mate.  Don’t waste time fooling around with several boyfriends or girlfriends as Goats need to focus their energies on their career or business. Married Goats must control their jealousy. Salaried Goats have to work hard to get noticed by their superiors.  Businesspeople need to find new clients to replace those lost to competitors. They will need to formulate new strategies to face new challenges. It is better to settle business disputes through negotiation rather than  law suits as the Goat’s position is not too strong.  Be careful of diet as the Goat is prone to stomach ailments in 2016.

When Monkey meets Monkey, there is always trouble.  So says traditional astrologers. However, how a Monkey will fare in the Fire Monkey year of 2016 is tempered by the  person’s element:  Wood, Metal, Fire, Water or Earth.  Relationship with spouse will be strained for married Monkeys.  Single Monkeys may find themselves in a love triangle and lose their lover to a third party. Promotion prospects for employed Monkeys are slim and finding a better job will be tough.  Do not lend money to anybody or get involved in get-rich-quick schemes. Monkeys in business will earn profits in the 2nd and 4th quarters of the year.  However, be wary of giving excessive credit terms. Professionals should discharge their duties diligently lest there may be law suits for negligence.  The fire Monkey (born in 1968, 1980, 1992, etc), in particular, will be overwhelmed by lots of business- or career-related activities. Avoid personal quarrels and business disputes as they may lead to long protracted conflicts.  Health poses no problem during the 1st half of the year but due to stress, the 2nd half of the year will send the Monkey to the doctor or sinseh.

The Chicken will face a roller-coaster year. Expect both windfalls and hidden pitfalls. In affairs of the heart, don’t be suspicious of anything or flare up out of blind jealousy. Married Chickens can expect their spouses to exert more control over them. Don’t do or say anything rash as you may not be able to undone the consequences.  However, in the 3rd quarter, all thorns in the relationship will be cleared. Social activities will increase for the single Chicken but many of the new friends will not be sincere. So, prefer the company of your family to new friends. Salaried Chickens will face greater work pressure from their bosses.  Think twice before changing jobs as the new boss may be even worse.  The Chicken in business should avoid high-risk-high-return projects but concentrate on low-risk-low-income opportunities. The Chicken’s respiratory system is susceptible to ailments so reduce smoking, vaping and exposure to the flu virus.

(11) DOG
Dogs will enjoy prosperity and happiness this year if they don’t act rashly.  Single female Dogs will attract new admirers and single male Dogs will meet more hot babes.  Right time to play party-animal till the wee hours or to cultivate helpful alliances with business associates. Dogs under employment will enjoy productive relationships with superiors and co-workers. Businesspeople should resist the temptation to splurge on CSR projects, overseas trips for staff or expensive corporate dinners as they do not bring in income. Better stash your profits for a rainy day. Health is good but there is a possibility of accidents so avoid dangerous sports like parasailing, dirt-biking and suchlike.

(12) PIG
The Fire Monkey year brings a mix of bad and good for the Pig, keeping him/her pretty busy.   The female Pig can plan for a baby if she so desires, and will be blessed with a healthy child.  The male Pig will feel highly sexed and may seek new ways to fulfill his desires. Be cautious as the risk of getting caught in an anti-vice raid is there. Unmarried Pigs may meet a love-mate from abroad but beware of scams.  Career luck is stable and co-workers are helpful.  Pigs in business will reap profits but they should not be complacent.  They should be alert to business sentiments and new consumer needs.  The Pig will enjoy good health until the 3rd quarter; thereafter, minor ailments like bladder infections and diarrhea will require medical attention.

I look up at Sifu Sabrina. "I understand you're born in the Tiger year, isn't it? Sheesh! It's going to be a bad year for you. Aren't you worried?"

She takes a bite off a strawberry (pix below). "A person should not be fatalistic. When the stars are not favourable, a person should take steps to remedy the situation." She licks her lips. "Hmmm, these strawberries are sweet." She takes a swallow and her mascaraed eyes shine with determination. "I'm going to buy two pairs of bronze pi yao to display, at home and in the office. They should help see me through the Fire Monkey year."


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