Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Villa Ju Bakery Cafe disallows photography so avoid it like the plague if you're a food blogger!

Food bloggers, you think you're doing a favour for Villa Ju Bakery Cafe (sells Korean desserts) in Solaris Mount Mont Kiara by doing a write-up on them? Avoid this spot like the plague as they disallow photography. Please see link below for an account of a writer's unpleasant experience:

You might also want to skip out on Pyongyang Restaurant in Ampang, where photography is banned ala mode North Korean iron-fist administration.

From personal experience, I'd advise you to give a wide berth to Sunway Giza Mall like it's a leper colony. This mall does not permit photography!  Several years ago, when I was there, a security guard stopped me from taking photos and said the policy came from the mall's management.  A few years back, when I did a write-up on Fahrenheit 88 for New Straits Times, I had no problems with its security guards. One of them asked me why I was taking photos. When I explained it's for a newspaper write-up, they allowed me to continue my shooting.   Then later, I also did a write-up on Publika, and again no one stopped me from taking pixs.  So, what's so grand or fantastic about Sunway Giza that photography is not allowed?


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