Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Gang of Four of Hot Legs Niteclub discusses male nudity

[Pixs of models for illustration only]

“Chow Kah,” Jessica says (pix above), “take a look at this video.” She jabs a button on her smart phone and the corners of her lips upturn in a grin. “Do you have a body like these?”  She holds the smart phone aloft so that everyone around the coffee table can see the screen. "Aren't these hunks handsome?"

Chow Kah,  Hussein, Wati and I watch the dance performance in silence until the video ends.  Jessica switches off the video and puts the smart phone on the coffee table. I scrutinize Wati's mouth for possible drolling saliva but there's isn't any.

“Jeepers creepers!” Chow Kah casts a side glance at Jessica. “What was that? A gay show?”

“No. it was a segment of Manhunt International.”

Seated next to Wati, Hussein scrunches his brows. “What’s Manhunt?"

“A beauty pageant for male models. HQ is in Singapore.”

“The contestants prance around half-naked?" Releasing an exhale, Chow Kah sniggers. “Gee, only hum sup women would watch such a pageant.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, dear.” Jessica sears Chow Kah with a look. “In 2003, a sociologist named Dr.  Beth Eck conducted a survey on how heterosexual men and women responded to male and female nudity. In the study, participants were shown photos of nude males and females.  Dr. Eck found out that many women did not feel lustful when looking at male nudes and those who did often experienced lust mixed with guilt or shame.” Her eyes meet mine for a moment. “See, Ewe? Women're angels! Most of us don't enjoy watching nude men. You can read Dr. Eck's research in the journal called Gender & Society under the title 'Gendered Viewing of Nude Images'.”

Hussein slashes his fingers thorough his thinning hair. “Ladies, I've read somewhere that male models with perfect bodies – most of them are gays. And I’m not referring to any participant in that pageant.”

Chow Kah raises his beer mug in mock salute. “I’ll drink to that!”

The door swings open and in steps Mummy Lulu (right pix). “Sorry to barge in, but I overheard what Jessica said.” She gesticulates with a forefinger. “Let me give my two cents worth. I think the results of that study apply only to young women. Many matured women are cougars inside. Therefore, it stands to reason that these cougars love to see young male nudes and – er, have fun with them."

"Yuks!" Chow Kah sticks out his tongue and half-whispers to Jessica . "I wouldn't want to any old lady's toyboy."  

Wati studies Mummy Lulu’s face with a squint. “Mummy, any scientific proof of what you've just said?” She tugs playfully at the spaghetti straps of her red halter-top (pix above), and I notice Hussein's eyes bulge in their sockets!

“Of course.” Mummy Lulu hikes her chin. “A few years ago, University of Texas psychologist Dr. David Buss did a survey which found out women in their 30s and early 40s were more highly sexed than younger women. Such women also had more sexual fantasies than twenty-something women. Dr. Buss proposed that the reason was biological evolution. I shan't go into the details. The research paper was published in the journal Personality & Individual Differences."

“Oooooh! That probably explains why my grandmother loves to watch wrestling.” Jessica’s eyes sparkle with epiphany. “Sweet suffering saints! She must have been turned on by the bulging crotch in the leather tights!”

A grin inches across Chow Kah’s face. “In that case, you should take your granny to watch next year’s Manhunt International.”

Mummy Lulu jags a brow.  “I’d loooove to be a judge at the event if given the opportunity!” She turns, heads for the door and looks over her shoulder. “Jessica, when you're booking a ticket for your grandma, please get me one as well. Front-row seat nearest to the stage, please!"


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