Sunday, November 22, 2015

Use the calabash symbol to ward off flu and cold during the rainy season, says Sifu Sabrina

[Pixs of model for illustration only]

Ah Pit-Poh turns her face away from Sifu Sabrina (pix above), covers her mouth and coughs. “Hack! Hack! Hack!.” A pause. “Excuse me." She harrumphs. "My grandchildren are suffering from common cold because of the rainy season. What can I do to improve their health?”

Sifu Sabrina runs her fingers through her hair. “Display a calabash or wulou beside the bed of your grandchildren. You can put another in the east sector of your living room. When placed in the living room, this feng shui symbol will enhance the longevity of the patriarch or matriarch of the family.”

“What should the calabash be made of?”

“Gold-coloured metal such as copper." Sifu Sabrina pulls out a drawer. "Metal reduces the earth power of the Black Flying Star Number 2, which is also known as the Sickness Star. This in turn will reduce the seriousness of the flu or cold.” She takes out a lollipop and starts to suck on it (pix below). “Another feng shui symbol of health is the cherry blossom. Hang a cheery blossom painting to help ward off diseases (bottom pix).”

Ah-Pit Poh starts to cough again. “Hack! Hack! Hack!

“Why don’t you suck on a Fisherman’s Friend?”

Ah-Pit Poh stops coughing and scrunches up her face. “What? Oral sex to cure my cough? That's absurd feng shui!"


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