Thursday, September 24, 2015

Touch a phallic symbol in Kedai Goh Shong Fatt in KL Chinatown to ask for a wish to be granted!

While strolling in KL Chinatown, I stumble up a store with a tiny signboard that says Kedai Goh Shong Fatt. Displayed inside are three wooden phallic symbols. When I whip out my camera to snap a photo, the store-owner (pix below) steps forward from behind his counter.

"This is not just a piece of carved wood," he says in fluent English, taking a few steps towards me. "It's worshipped by a certain tribe of the Orang Asli who are animists. They believe a spirit resides inside the carving." He points to a porcelain container on the floor. "I light joss coils every day to pray to the spirit. Come, you can touch the black wooden phallus to make a wish. That's what it's for."

"Need to pay?"

"No. If your wish is fulfilled, please buy a garland of flowers as a token of appreciation."

For the sake of fun, I grab the rounded tip of the structure with both hands and utter silently, "I wish I can find a literary agent in UK to represent me!"

"Are you Mr Goh?"

"Yes. Good luck in whatever you wished for!"

Jalan Sultan
(Opposite Wildlife Zoological Supplies)
Kuala Lumpur


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