Sunday, September 20, 2015

Be wary of buying second-hand properties, advises Sifu Sabrina

[Pixs of models for illustration purpose only]

“Sifu Sabrina, my son wants to buy a second-hand bungalow for me,” Ah-Pit Poh says. “I’ve seen the property. Location seems okay -– doesn’t face a road junction and nothing sharp is pointing towards it. My only concern is that it’s a house for auction. Its previous owner went bankrupt. What do you think?”

“No, generally, I would not advise buying such a house." Sifu Sabrina (pix above) shakes her head. "The previous owner’s bad chi may still linger in the property. However, if the price is irresistible, after buying the house, the first thing you need to do is to open up the roof and ceiling. That includes all windows. Let the sunlight and fresh air in for four or five hours so that they can infuse positive chi into the property. Then re-roof the house and give its inside and outside walls a fresh coat of paint and repair all broken fixtures.” She leans forward and rests her hands on her desk. “Since I’ve not seen the house, I can’t be more specific in my advice.”

Ah-Pit Poh bites her lower lip. “That’s going to be expensive.”

I flick my gaze at Sifu Sabrina's eyes. “Any other economical method without removing the roof?”

“After washing the floors and walls, smoke all rooms with sandalwood. Play the radio continuously in a loud volume for several hours for a few days before you move in. If the house is going to be vacant for a long time before you shift in because of renovations, better install a deity such as the Earth God in the living room facing the main door. Light joss sticks every day and burn an oil lamp at night.”

“Why the Earth God?”

“Actually, you can install any deity, but the Earth God does not need an altar so you can place the red plaque on the floor and rest its other end against one wall. The deity will prevent evil spirits from taking residence in the house while it's still vacant.”

“My son also wants to buy a second-hand BMW 7 Series.” Ah-Pit Poh shifts in her seat. “But it was involved in an accident and the previous owner got killed. The car is now with a second-hand trader. ”

“Better get a monk to bless the car (pix below).” Sifu Sabrina flicks her gaze to me. “I’ve given Ewe tips how to feng shui a car. You can read it on his blog.”

“Final question, my son wants to take a second-hand wife. Is it -- "

Sifu Sabrina blinks. “What do you mean by second-hand wife?”

“A widow. Her two previous husbands died prematurely. First husband suffered a stroke while swimming in the condo’s pool and drowned. Second husband got run over by a taxi while crossing Bukit Bintang Road." Ah-Pit Poh jabs a button on her moby and shows the screen to Sifu Sabrina. “That’s her (right pix below), my future daughter-in-law. Can you please study her facial features? According to Chinese physiognomy, do you think her features indicate she’s a husband-killer?”

“I need to check the birth particulars of your son and this woman before I can comment. Physiognomy is not one hundred percent accurate. ” A slow exhale breezes over Sifu Sabrina’s red lips. “Er –- any reason why your son is attracted to this woman?"

“Love is blind,” I say, my voice stoic.

Ah Pit-Poh casts a side gaze at me. “No, Ewe, love is not blind. My son wants to marry this widow because she’s filthy rich. A few years ago, she collected several millions in insurance payout from the deaths of her earlier husbands!”

A chuckle streams from Sifu Sabrina's throat (pix below).


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