Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A transwoman can become a man if he wants to, says prominent psychologist Boonsri Suramongkol

[Pix of model above for illustration purpose only]

“I disagree with Lesbina Ling that LGBT people are born that way.” So says Boonsri Suramongkol, a prominent Bangkok-based psychologist. “Some LGBT people are made, not born. The proof is in Miss Tiffany 2009 becoming a Buddhist monk.” She crosses her stocking-clad legs and flips open a magazine. “In Thailand only men can enter monkhood. In 2013, Miss Sorrawee Nattee (pix below), who was Miss Tiffany 2009, removed her breast implants to return to his original gender. She, or rather, he was ordained as Phra Maha Viriyo Bhikku at Wat Liab in southern Songkhla Province. The abbot of the temple knew she was a transwoman, but who is now emotionally and physically a man.” She arches her eyebrows. “Most borderline queer men when they start feeling feminine tendencies don’t fight back. As if in a self-fulfilling prophesy, they aggravate their thoughts and feelings by taking feminine-enhancing drugs. Instead they should take masculine-enhancing drugs, go for counseling, indulge in their respective religions to seek the right path and use their will power to banish feminine thoughts.”


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