Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year's Eve toasts from Mummy Lulu and her cronies

[Pixs of models for illustration purpose only]

“Here’s my toast to patrons of Hot Legs Niteclub & Karaoke,” says Mummy Lulu (pix above).
“Come in the evening or come in the morning,
Come when you've a booking or come without warning,
A thousand welcomes you'll find here before you,
And the oftener you come the more our hostesses will adore you."

Wati (pix above) says, “Here's to the good woman who loves her husband for the things he has learned from some other woman not so good!”

Jessica (pix above) says to Chow Kah:
Here's to your long life, Chow Kah, and a merry one,
“A quick death and a happy one
Wish you get a good girl and a pretty one
A cold beer and how about another one?”

Ang Chow Kah (pix above, centre) wishes Jessica:
“I wish you well, I wish you mighty,
I wish my pajamas against your nighty,
Now don't be mistaken or misled,
I mean on the clothes line and not in bed.”

Hussein (pix above, centre) says to Wati:
“Here's to sin and here's to virtue,
A little bit of both won't hurt you,
A little virtue is enhancing,
A little sin can be entrancing,
Be good, my dear Wati, but don't be haughty,
There's too much fun in being naughty.”

Ang Mor Sai (pix above) says:
"Here's to our sweethearts and wives,
May our sweethearts soon become our wives,
And our wives remain our sweethearts."

Raising her bottle of whisky, Letchumy (pix above), a close friend of Mummy Lulu, toasts:
"Here's to those who love us well;
Those who don't can go to Hell!"


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