Saturday, November 23, 2013

Penang One in Dataran Sunway is horribly expensive

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"It's not worth coming here!" my daughter exclaimed when she saw the bill amounting to RM60.50. Earlier, when I stepped into the restaurant and saw that it was only half-full -- on a Sunday at 12:13 pm -- I knew something was not right.

We ordered four food items which did not satisfy our hunger because of the small portions. Here are my ratings:

--Assam laksa 3.5/5 (One notch below the stall at the Air Hitam Wet Market near Kek Lok Si.)
--Char kway teow with duck egg 3.5/5 (Sisters and Lorong Selamat are better.)
--Dry curry mee 2/5 (The sambal tasted weird because it was sweet.)
--Special curry mee 2/5 (Lorong Seratus Tahun tastes better).

This small frigging amount of char kway teow for RM10.90 (RM11.99 after 10% service charge)?

This dry curry mee contained adds-on of RM2 pork blood and RM2 cuttle fish making a total of RM12.50 (RM13.75 after 10% service charge)!

This is the only dish that made my taste buds come alive.

My overall impression is that the ingredient-suppliers in Penang are second-raters who have failed on that lovely betel-nut island. And the restaurant is real kiam siap! To fill the cracks in our tummies, we went to the opposite Neighborhood Food Court for more food.

Penang One
16-1, Jalan PJU 5/7
Dataran Sunway
47810 Petaling Jaya


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