Friday, November 8, 2013

Mummy Lulu advises Mor Sai on how to apply for a multiple-entry visa for his PRC wife

The phone on Mummy Lulu’s desk rings, and she lifts up the handset. "Hot Legs Niteclub & Karaoke. Mummy Lulu speaking."

“Good evening Mummy, Ang Mor Sai [right pix] here. I’m married to Mongmong already. Can you please advise me how to apply for a spouse visa for her?”

“Congratulations! She's lucky to be married to a handsome man like you. I’m not sure of the exact procedure but I heard that it’s something like this. Buy a RM10 Stamp Duty and get six passport-sized photos of you and your wife taken separately, and a wedding photograph taken together in size 4R. The wedding phto should be a full-body shot. Take the stamp and photographs together with all your personal and marriage documents to the Immigration Department in Putrajaya. These documents should include original and photocopy of wife’s and your passport, marriage certificate, original and photocopies of I.C. Ask for the forms to apply for multiple-entry visa for PRC wife and fill them up. One form – I don’t know which – has to be signed at a Commissioner of Oaths. Return the completed forms to them, and they will grant her a visit pass for 30 days.

“Huh? Thirty days only?”

“Wait. For the extension, bring RM1,500 in bank draft made payable to the Director-General of Immigration. They will give you a beneficiary form to fill. After that, you need to pay RM1,130 for a Journey Peformed Visa and Multiple Entry visa. Mongmong will get six months or even a year, depending on circumstances.

“What circumstances?”

“Not sure. Again from what I heard, the husband’s occupation and financial status are taken in consideration. Since you’re a rich man, Mor Sai, they may even give her five years.” A pause. “Hmh…hmh…bye.” Mummy Lulu returns the handset to the housing.


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