Monday, November 18, 2013

First edition of "Kuala Lumpur Undercover" sold out

When American author Mark Twain wanted to know about the sale of his book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, he sent his publisher a postcard with a question mark "?". The publisher replied via a postcard with an exclamation mark "!". Twain knew sale was good.

My publisher, Phil Tatham, recently informed me that as at 31st September 2013, the first edition of Kuala Lumpur Undercover has sold out, and he has printed a second edition.

I wish to thank all those who purchased the book. Special thanks go the people who rated it in

--Pat Chong
--Ezzya Baker
--Arrica Lee
--Audrey Wong
--Annika Lee
--Marcio Porto
--David Filip

Thank you all of you.

A big thank you also goes to "Ms. Pamela Kelly"who featured the book in her website

Finally, I am grateful to Penang-based writer Marco Ferrarese who sent in the photo of the book occupying the 8th spot in the "Top 10 Non-Fiction" category as in April 2013 in the KOMTAR branch of Popular Book Store.


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