Thursday, June 6, 2013

Restoran Jin Chen in Tapah offers fairly high-standard Cantonese fare

On my recent jaunt to Cameron Highlands, I stopped at Restoran Jin Chen in Tapah for lunch.  It occupied a corner lot of a shophouse block. My host Mr Lee ordered pig trotter, roasted duck, big-head prawn and yoke lan chicken.

The pig trotter went through deep-frying before braising. It was served with a sour sauce. Bah, wrong sauce! It didn’t go well with the crispy pork. However, I gave three stars to the succulent yoke lan chicken. Juice flowed from the big-head prawn when I sank my teeth into it, and its flavourful seasoning made my tongue curl.  Four stars for this dish. Slices of smoked duck accompanied the roast duck. I expected a smokey smell but it tasted subtle, like smoked salmon, but different in texture.    

According to Mr Lee, big-head prawns earned their moniker from their “stupidity”. During high tide, they swim into the grassy areas of  rivers. When the tide recedes, they are entangled among the grass and weeds and get trapped.



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