Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nicole Wong Siaw Ting, MCA’s candidate, has a MBA from West Coast University Panama? Geez...what kind of school is that?

The Star of April 17, 2013 (page 10) reported that  MCA’s candidate for Seputeh Parliamentary seat, Nicole Wong Siaw Ting holds a MBA from West Coast University Panama.

I Googled  "West Coast University Panama" and trawled out the following information:

Excerpt from Wikipedia:
“In March 2007 a Bangladesh online newspaper reported that the nation's education ministry and University Grants Commission had found that West Coast University was operating illegally in Bangladesh and the education ministry was seeking to sue the institution for offering bachelor's degree courses without government authorization. Government personnel said that in 2006 West Coast had opened a campus in Khulna, where in February 2007 the school began conducting courses in electrical and electronic engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and architecture.[3]

In July 2012, an English-language online newspaper for Panama reported that West Coast University was advertising courses to be conducted there, but Panama's National Council of University Assessment and Accreditation (CONEAUPA) and Ministry of Education said the institution was not accredited and they they had no record of the institution being legally established or having approved curricula.[4]

As of December 2012, West Coast University is a candidate for accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, for its bachelor's and graduate programs in business.[5]

As of January 2013 West Coast University is now accredited by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO). The IAO is not recognised by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.[6][7][8]


Excerpt from: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board: Institutions Whose Degrees are Illegal to Use in Texas:

"West Coast University (Panama, Australia and China): No accreditation information available. This name is used by multiple unaccredited entities. The extent to which they are related is unknown, but more than one operator is suspected. Not to be confused with the accredited Health Sciences school by the same name in California and Texas."
For comments on West Coast University Panana (not to be confused with the accredited West Coast University of California), please go to the following links:


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