Friday, December 7, 2012

Nightclubber Chow Kah gives a Christmas present to Jessica with an ulterior motive

[Pix of models for illustration purpose only]

“Here’s a small present for you,” Hussein says, handing over a colourful package tied with ribbons to Wati [left pix]. “It’s all in the joyous spirit of giving.”

They are seated at the bar counter, chatting, munching Menglembu groundnuts and sipping Hanky-Panky.

“Oh...thank you,” Wati says, leaning forward to peck his cheek. She’s wearing a miniskirt and a top with plunging neckline. Hoop ear-rings dangle from her ears and the scent of white lily and vanilla tittilate Hussein’s nostrils.

Wati puts the package on the counter and Hussein grins and places his hand on her lap. He winks and says: “You can only open it on Boxing Day. Better hang it at the top of the Christmas tree.”

“Why? Presents are usually placed below the Christmas tree.”

“Better not. The box contains an expensive watch. One of the Myanmar waiters may steal it. Come, let’s go hang the box,” Huseins says. “Is there a ladder?”

“Yes, in the storeroom.”

Wati leads Hussein to the storeroom and he takes a ladder out. He places the ladder next to the eigh-feet high Christmas tree at the end of the hall.

“Come on, climb up. I’ll hold the ladder for you.”

Holding the package in her hand, Wati climbs up the ladder and starts to tie the package to the highest branch.

Hussein manoeuvres to a strategic angle and looks up. His eyes bulge! He sees Wati’s round, solid buttocks and red panties. Quickly, he uses his cell phone to snap a photo for sweet remembrance.

Next day, he emails the photo to Chow Kah and I.

That evening, Chow Kah and I go to Hot Legs Niteclub & Karaoke. We perch ourselves atop a bar stool each.

“Please tell Jessica I’m here,” he says to the captain, a beady-eyed Vietnamese.

Chow Kah orders a Sapporo beer; I, vanilla milk shake.

Jessica, displaying a 36-24-38 figure, sashays towards us, her undulaunt butt making men's blood boil. “Eh? What a surprise,” she says. “Didn’t expect you to come today.” From Chow Kah's expression, I sense that her ample assets without bra in a top of thin fabric are making his nerves tingle.

“Happy coming Christmas!” Chow Kah says, grinning. “I came to give you a present. I bought it from Louis Vuitton. It made my credit card cry in pain. You must hang it at the top of the Christmas tree, so that it won’t get stolen.”

“Oh, thank you so much!” Jessica leaps with joy and hugs Chow Kah. His lecherous face appears beaming over her bare shoulder.

“Come, where’s the ladder? I’ll hold the ladder, you hang the present.”

From a distance, I see Chow Kah struggle with the ladder from the back and put it beside the Christmas tree. Jessica [left pix] removes her stilettos and starts to climb up. Chow Kah holds the ladder and smirks.

“Jessica...Jessica..." Mummy Lulu starts walking to Chow Kah and Jessica. “There's a phone call for you. My office phone. Caller says it’s urgent. You forgot to switch on your handphone."

Jessica climbs down and Mummy Lulu says: “Here. Let me do it for you. You want to hang the present up, right?”

“Yes, top branch.” Jessica hands the box to Mummy Lulu and patters away on her bare feet.

Mummy Lulu starts to climb the steps of the ladder, one hand holding the box. Though I notice Chow Kah is wearing a disappointed expression, he looks up at a strategic angle. His jaw drops and his eyes pop. At that moment, two Myanmar workers are carrying a crate of Bir Bintang through the hall, and they accidentally bump the crate against the ladder. "Ooops! Sorry!" one of them says.

The ladder wobbles. “Eeeeeeeeek!” Mummy Lulu staggers and falls off, her legs splayed.

"Look out!" I shout to Chow Kah.

Mummy Lulu's dirndl skirt balloons up and her crotch hits Chow Kah smack in the face. When she lands, the skirt settles down.

Knocked unconscious, Chow Kah lies on the carpeted floor with his head under Mummy Lulu’s skirt.

Several GROs rush to the mamasan. One of them asks: "Mummy! You okay?"

“Lucky Chow Kah broke my fall,” Mummy Lulu says.

While driving away from Hot Legs, I ask Chow Kah what did he see under Mummy Lulu's dirndl skirt.

"A canary-yellow G-string."


Published by Monsoon Books, Singapore. Sold in Malaysia from Kinokuniya, Popular Book Store, Borders and MPH nationwide. An e-book edition is also available.


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