Friday, November 23, 2012

Satire: scenario in Malaysia if Hadi Awang becomes PM and implements hudud

Mandatory public caning for Muslim women arrested for adultery, pre-marital sex, for not wearing tudong [head cover] and for consuming alcohol.

Mandatory public whipping for Muslim men arrested for consuming alcohol and for having sex with prostitutes. Kantoi!

Thousands of girls married to Dirty Old Men as child marriages thrive. Jumping on the bandwagon, scores of hum sup [lecherous] Chinese old men embrace Islam to marry underaged Muslim girls -- Ho liao!

Male doctors, both Muslims and non-Muslims, barred from treating female patients. Long queues form at female doctors' clinics.

Mandatory for Muslim men to keep beard or face public whipping. Sales of fake beards soar! "Mari, mari, janggut palsu!" [Come, come, fake beards!] roar traders in Kampung Baru night market.

Male hairdressers barred from styling women’s hair. Thousands of male hairdressers close their salons.

Mandatory jail for non-Muslims arrested for playing mahjong and card games. New prisons are built to accommodate the fast-swelling number of offenders.

Malaysia gets blacklisted by America’s Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Labelled as a “pariah nation”, the country faces international isolation and collapse of its economy.


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