Friday, October 5, 2012

Nightclub hostess Jessica molested by lecherous tailor

(Pix of model for illustration purpose only)

GRO Jessica [left pix] walks into the VIP Karaoke Room wearing a blue knee-length dress.

Chow Kah’s eyes widened in surprise.

“What happened?” he asks. “Why you changed your style of dressing?”

“I’m not going to wear miniskirt again!”

“Why?” I ask.

“A few days ago, I went to Petaling Street to order a bespoke miniskirt.” Jessica says, sinking into the sofa beside Chow Kah. "The tailor first took my waist measurement. It was twenty-four. Then he measured the length that I wanted. I’m Hokkien lang, can’t speak Cantonese. So I told him ‘shorter’. The lau apek tailor blinked at me like a fool. Then I said 'hemline higher'. Again he looked at me sheepishly. Finally, I said ‘more high’, 'more high’. The old bastard fondled my private parts!”

“ 'More' is a homonym of ‘fondle’ in Cantonese,” Chow Kah explains. “ 'High' is homonymous with ‘private parts’ in Cantonese. It's a miscommunication.”

Jessica, tears welling from her eyes, leans on Chow Kah’s shoulder. "It was so embarrassing. I ran out of the shop."

He pats her on the back. “Never mind, I’ll take you to Zang Toi next time. He can speak Ingrish!”


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