Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nightclubber Hussein gets invited to bed by GRO Wati

[Pixs of models for illustration purpose only]

Hussein’s cell phone rings. He leans back in his high-backed swivel chair.

Voice: “Hello? Hussein? Wati here.”

“Helloooo…… What’s up, Sayang?”

Voice: “Are you free tomorrow evening?”

“Sure. What’s up?”

Voice: “Can you come to my apartment? I’ve a surprise for you. It’s to show my appreciation for your business for the past four years.”

“What time?”

Voice: “Say eight o’clock?”

“Okay, gimme the address. I’ll be there.” Hussein leans forward on his desk. He grabs a pencil and scribbles the address on a note pad.

Heart pounding with excitement, he calls his Wife No. 1: “Darling, I’ll be late tomorrow evening. Big boss from Jakarta coming. I’ve to brief him a few things after our company dinner.” He goes through the pretence with Wife No. 2, Wife No. 3, and Wife No. 4.

Next evening, Hussein, drenched in perfume and having consumed Viagra and Tongkat Ali, arrives in Wati’s apartment on the dot. He rings the door bell. Wati, dressed in a red shirt and a matching red skirt opens the door.

Hussein leans forward to kiss her neck, which smells of rose and peach.

Wati smiles. “Please make yourself comfortable. I’ll go to the bedroom to change.” She pulls down the knot of Hussein’s necktie and undoes it, then throws the necktie on the settee.

Five minutes pass. Hussein can’t stand the lust pounding in his loins. He strips naked and fidgets on the cushioned settee.

Wati calls from the bedroom. “Can you come in, please?”

Stark naked, Hussein ambles in with a grin on his face.

Wati, wearing a brown evening gown, is holding a birthday cake in her hand. “Happy birthday, Hussein!” A whiff of chocolate wafts in the air.

Standing with her is Mummy Lulu, Jessica, Chow Kah, myself and Hussein’s colleagues [pix above] whom Chow Kah invited.

“Yikes!” Face as red as a lobster, Hussein bolts to the living room to retrieve his clothes.


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