Friday, September 28, 2012

Claypot fishhead bee hoon at Jalan Tiong Nam is unique

Jalan Tiong Nam has a nameless restaurant that serves claypot fishhead mee hoon and bah kut teh. The claypot fishhead bee hoon differs from others as its ingredients include yam slices and mussels. Cheap, too. Food bloggers have overrated it; it is only above average. The bah kut teh [pix above] lacks aroma. The restaurant is very crowded during lunch hour and parking is easy as there is an open-air car park opposite. Fan-ventilated, the side-porch-turned-eatery is hot in the afternoon.

Opens daily fron 6am to 5pm
Tel: 019-3661540 (Madam Gue)


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