Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Care care: tips to prevent carjacking

[Article copyright Ewe Paik Leong]

The following tips are helpful in preventing carjacking:

--Keep all doors locked while driving.

--If you’re a woman driver, never put your handbag on the front passenger seat.

--At a traffic light, leave enough space between your vehicle and the one in front so that you can drive off quickly should armed carjackers-to-be alight from either the front vehicle or the one behind.

--Be wary of staged accidents to lure you out of your car. If you feel your vehicle is deliberately hit by a suspicious-looking driver, especially on a deserted road, don't stop. Jot down the other vehicle's licence number and report the accident at the nearest police station.

--When going to your vehicle in a basement car park, look out for anyone suspicious hanging around before approaching your vehicle. If you see anyone or anything suspicious, go to the building security office and asked to be escorted or phone the police. A recent trick to lure a driver out of the car is having a piece of paper stuck to the rear windscreen.

--Avoid going to a petrol station in a crime-ridden area or late at night. Keep your vehicle's petrol tank as full as possible at all times.

--Avoid driving through back lanes, especially at night, as carjackers-to-be can block your vehicle easily with obstacles.

--Be extra careful if you wish to give a lift to hitchhikers (whether women or men) on lonely roads. The moment you stop your car, armed carjackers-to-be may spring from their hiding place.

--lf the above measures fail and you’re unlucky to be confronted with armed carjackers, never put up a fight. It may cost you your life.


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