Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nightclubber Hussein ogles at nude bather in river

Wati and Hussein trudge along a track in Sungei Pertak Recreational Forest. Colourful butterflies flit along the river bank, and birds chirp from the overhead canopy of trees.

Teweet! Teeet! Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

“Look! A crow!” Wati says, pointing to the top of a tree.

Hussein whips his binoculars out from his knapsack and looks up. “No, no. It’s a magpie, not a crow. A black magpie.”

They hear the sound of water gargling over a rocky stretch, and see a figure dipping.

“Goodness, looks like a woman bathing,” says Wati.

“Got people staying here?”

“Could be Orang Asli, could be squatters.”

They stoop behind some bushes. Hussein uses his binoculars to focus on the figure.

The back of the woman is facing them. Long hair flows from her head to her hip. Her big, round buttocks send a tingling sensation to Hussein’s loins.

“Your handphone got camera?” asks Hussein.


“Got zoom function”?

“Why?” Phiak! Wati hits a mosquito landing on her luscious thigh but misses.

I’d love to be a mosquito and land on her thigh, Hussein ponders. “I want to take pictures. “Squat down, otherwise she may see us.”

Wati squats down. “No zoom.” Her jorts are so tight a clit is formed at the crotch.

“Never mind, we’ll just enjoy the free show.” With bulging eyes, Hussein peers through the binoculars.

The bather starts to turn around.

Lucky me, Hussein concludes but he does a double take. “Celaka! It’s just a Sikh man, the swine!”


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