Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pun Chun duck drumstick noodles overrated

[Pix for illustration purpose only]

Several bloggers have praised Pun Chun for its duck drumstick noodles. Its website states: "Established in Bidor since the 1940's, Pun Chun Restaurant is a must-stop destination for all good food fanatics." I ate one bowl of the noodles (soup version) at its Ara Damansara outlet (there is another at Kota Kemuning). Both the meat and soup can be much improved. The soup lacked herbal "kick" (more/stronger ingredients should be added); the meat was slightly hard (needs longer cooking to soften it.) My verdict: Pun Chun is overated -- only so-so. I've eaten better duck drumstick noodles than this.


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