Friday, June 8, 2012

Hot sexy nightclub girl says how a girl walks reveals her orgasm history

[Pix of model for illustration purpose only]

Wei... Chow Kah, ‘You always go kiew kai isn’t it?” Jessica asks, peeling the skin off a bunch of grapes.

Chow Kah uses a pair of chopsticks to lift fried mee hoon to his mouth. “No, never, I joke about kiew kai but don’t go such places.”

“You always get cheated by push-up bras and fake breasts. Let me give teach you something new about selecting hookers.” Jessica pecks him lightly on the cheek.

“Wow! Fire away!” Chow Kah washes his fried mee hoon down with a gulp of Sapporo beer.

“Always observe how a girl walks. It can reveal her sex history.”

Cheh! That’s old stuff. Virgins walk with legs close together. Non-virgins walk with legs wide apart.” Chow Kah puts his plate down on the coffee table, picks a peeled grape and pops it into his mouth.

“No, not that crap. That’s old grandmother’s tale.”

“What lah, Chow Kah, you’re still childish,” Hussein says, his head leaning against Wati’s bare shoulder, his eyes staring at the cleavage of her 38-inch bosom.

“A sexology professor has found out that a girl’s manner of walking reflects her vaginal orgasm history.”

“Really? Who’s the scientist,” I ask, sipping my water melon juice.

“Dr. Stuart Brody, University of the West of Scotland. He videotaped Belgian women when they were walking in public. He found a correlation between their manner of walking and their vaginal orgasmic history.”

“How?” I wipe my mouth with a Kleenex tissue.

“Seems that stride length and the movement of hips reveal a healthy history of vaginal orgasm. Such women perform better in bed.” Jessica pats her hips with both arms. “Stiff pelvic muscles hinder the ability to achieve orgasm.”

Chow Kah gently drops his hand on Jessica’s lap. "How he know their sexual history?”

“Come on, don’t be a donkey,” Wati says. “Those women were volunteers in their research and revealed their secrets.” She cracks a water melon seed between her teeth and spits out the shell.

Jessica holds Chow Kah’s hand. “Dr. Brody’s report was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, September 2008 issue.”

“Where you get those medical journals?” I ask.

“My uncle’s a doctor. He’s got a library -–“

“Hey, look, that’s Mamasan Lulu,” Hussein says, sitting upright and looking through the glass-partition.

Everyone stares at her as she walks from one end of the karaoke hall to the other.

Chow Kah says: “Short strides, pelvis very stiff ...Jesuz, she must be frigid.”

“Not necessarily. Maybe she enjoys clitoral orgasm more,” Wati says.

“No lah. I think she’s former prostitute lah.” Chow Kah squeezes Jessica’s hands. “Last time orgasm ten times a day. Now no feeling already. That’s why now she walks like that. She's a dead sotong [cuttlefish] in bed.”

“Shhhh...don’t make fun of her,” Jessica says. “She’s coming to us. Huahaahaa..."

Enter the “Big Sister” of Hot Legs Niteclub & Karaoke, the best sing-song joint in Bukit Bintang, after a slight tap on the door.

“Everything okay?” Mamasan Lulu asks. “Karaoke equipment, air con, lights, all okay?”

Everyone laughs and she stares blankly at her charges.

“I think your equipment not so okay,” Chow Kay says, winking and grinning.

Everyone laughs even louder.



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