Monday, September 5, 2011

Museum of Sex & Health on Jeju Island a must-visit for sexology aficionados

[Pixs courtesy of The Museum of Sex & Health]

Why is Jeju in Korea often referred to as “Honeymoon Island”? Probably because it is home to the world’s largest sex museum. Indeed, the Museum of Sex & Health at the foot of Mt. Halla is a must-visit spot for impotent men, frigid women and sexology aficionados. Sadly, it is seldom on the itinerary of tour packages. Shaped like a pyramid, the two-level building is divided into two main sections: Sex Education Hall and Sex Culture Hall. The latter comprises the Japanese Sex Culture Hall, Peruvian Sex Culture Hall, European Sex Culture Hall and Chinese Sex Culture Hall. The Sex Educational Hall gives an insight into the structure and functions of the sex organs, conception and pregnancy to delivery of baby, including displays of sanitary napkins from all over the world and much, much more. Mini statues in various positions of sexual intercourse should fan the flames of passion in honey-mooners as well as teach naive men and women a thing or two. Also, the erotic sculptures in the museum’s compound are guaranteed to expunge your innocence. Indeed, sex can be beautiful, healthy and enjoyable; for others it can also be taboo and shameful.


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I love this! Thank you for letting us all know about this wonderful museum. I will be posting a link to this on my site. Thanks again.
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