Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot nightclub girl warns of danger of koro (genital retraction)

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“Can you please get two jugs of iced-cold water for me, Jessica?” asked Chow Kah. “My goodness...the weather’s so hot this season. No beer for me tonight.”

Jessica’s hips swung to and fro as she left the karaoke room. Her wriggle filled Chow Kah’s mind with thoughts impure. Die-hard philandering Hussein, erotic-thoughts-evoking Wati and I poured Asahi lager into mugs and clinked them to loud “Cheers!” The VIP Room of Hot Legs Karaoke & Pub in Bukit Bintang was about to be set ablaze with another session of merry-making.

Within minutes, Jessica returned and settled down next to Chow Kah. He gulped down a glass of the invigorating, clear H2O and drew a long breath. “Thanks; my body’s heaty; I’ve been eating too many durians. In fact, yesterday after making love to my wife, I drank two glasses of iced water; not only that I immediately took a cold shower.”

“Aiyoh...that’s risky!” exclaimed Jessica. “You may get koro!”

“Koro?” What’s that?” Chow Kah’s mind was practically swimming.

Wati’s manicured and varnished fingers picked up a slice of papaya; she gently slid it into Hussein’s mouth. “In the olden days, many Malays of Bugis descent also believe in koro,” she said. “It comes from the word kura-kura or tortoise. It refers to genital retraction into the body; just like a tortoise retracting its head into its shell; it can be fatal.” Her lips were like the open petals of a fragrant flower, moist and pink.

I said: “Yes, I’ve heard of it – in Mandarin it’s called suo yang; in Cantonese, suk joeing and in Hokkien, siok iong.”

Said Jessica, her soft breasts hidden within delicate lace: “Actually, ancient Chinese reports of genital retraction date to 300 B.C.; this ailment was described in a text called Nei Ching, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Text of Internal Medicine. There is also another text named New Collection of Remedies of Value written in 1835 by Pao Siaw-Ow. It mentions of exposure to wintry air after sexual intercourse as a cause of koro. In fact, Bruce Lee was supposed to have died of koro. Many Hongkies speculated that he died after his sex spree with his lover Betty Ting Pei.”

“Western medicine has dismissed koro as a mental disorder or mental illusion,” added Hussein, his blood coursing hotly through his veins as he gently laid his arms over Wati’s curvaceous hip. “They claim the victim only imagines his manhood is retracting.”

Jessica’s steamy and sultry eyes flashed a glance at me. “Long time ago, my grandma told me a funny story. It happened in the 1950’s, it seemed. One night, his neighbour’s wife came over, screaming for help. My grandma rushed over and was directed to the bedroom. Her neighbour was tugging at his penis. His breathing was heavy; his face was pale, his hands and feet were cold. His penis was retracting into his body; he was losing his grip of it! His wife didn’t know what to do. My grandma dashed to the kitchen for a pair of chopsticks. She clamped his penis between the chopsticks; tied them together with strong rubber hands and weighted them down with a pedestal. Then she fed him rice wine to warm him up. Eventually, the shrinking stopped."

“Why, nowadays, we never hear of anyone dying of koro?” I asked.

“Maybe, our bodies are now stronger due to better nutrition and the taking of supplements,” Wati said. The silky skin of her shoulders and back were naked but for the slender straps of her dress.

“Actually, there’s such thing as penis shrinkage or atrophy,” Jessica explained. Her perfume was intoxicating to Chow Kah, invading his senses like sweet wine. “You should check out this topic on medical websites. But this is different from koro. Penis atrophy occurs over a period of months, but koro is immediate.” The sultry brown eyes of the seductress gazed into her companion’s. “Chow Kah, better be safe than sorry; after sex, don’t drink cold water; also don’t bathe in cold water. For a start, you might catch a chill or common cold.”

Chow Kah looked back at her, holding her gaze, as if she had reached and touched his soul. “Get me a glass of hot Kopi-O Kau with Tongkat Ali and Ginseng,” he said. “Tonight, when I get home, I’m going to do the lion dance with my wife under the blanket! Followed by a long dip in a steamy, hot bath!”


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